Friday, August 21, 2020

KK Cafe : Namu Cafe - Where I learn Korean culture too!

 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Blending art and coffee, add on with friendly services. Not too crowded, just parking is an issue.

Located at Lintas, next to 99 Speedmart. There's one Korean Cafe operated by brother and sister, both golfers and chosen Kota Kinabalu to live. 

I like the patience of both brother and sister, somehow taught us Korean culture too.

Sister Namu shared that she love to bake and I shall say that their cake is not very fancy but surely simple while not very sweet. We love the simplicity that not rich in flavour. 

More over, they do serve home made Korean buns, Macarons, and Korean specialties which I see only at Namu Cafe.

They are serving Korean noodles / Bibimbap and more Korean dishes.

Certainly coffee also in the list!

Citron Tea also available.

Facebook : Namu Cafe

Location : Lintas Plaza - Next to 99 Speedmart / Brass Monkey


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