Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Travel Sabah : The Blue Tears & Milky Way of Mantanani Island, Kota Belud

Kota Belud, Sabah.

Perhaps everyone been looking for places to visit after more than 70 days being at home and not much of a flexibility.

We, Malaysian has been complaining traveling locally is so expensive now a day and huh! Now is the time to travel cheap (at least affordable) with classy rated services.

Have you ever wondered that such a view could be seen personally in Sabah?

Crystal clear sea water and with mirrored reflection.

To inquire : Whatsapp - Sutera @ Mantanani

An instagram-able jetty while having a quiet time. How about a getaway for you and your partner?

This resort that usually can have more than 80 guests, is currently allow to have 20 person visiting at one time, in accordance to the SOP of our national terms for this Pandemic condition.

The Chalet

Built with tropical hardwood by local islanders, it is spaciously designed to give a cooling interior effect.

The Chalet 

Wide bay windows allow majestic views of the beach and crystal clear ocean water.

Each chalet is equipped with a private balcony for you and your loved ones to relax and enjoy the island breeze. The beach is just 10 steps away from the main door.

To inquire : Whatsapp - Sutera @ Matanani

The Chalet

It's breathtaking view at Mantanani Island.

The Lobby

The Beach

Swing away!

Credit : @mylaansibin

Kid you not with the Milky Way that we may seen at night with clear sky. Always fascinated with mother nature.

If you are lucky, you will be experiencing the blue tears that many wanted to see personally. Say, it's seasonal where luminescent plankton grown as a food for jelly fish. JELLY FISHES! We might need to be extra careful when we see's the blue tears, jelly fishes are harmful to us.

You might be wondering is it true there's "Blue Tears" in the world. Definitely yes, while a friend of mine personally saw two weeks ago.

Let's travel Sabah!

It's from RM395nett (Normal from RM450) for two nights with two person with the Full Board Meals and Sea Transfer package (Ends 31 August 2020 | For Malaysian only) :

Whatsapp - Sutera @ Mantanani


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