Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Top Five (5) New Norms After Covid-19 Strikes

The Big Question : "Have you changed?"

As COVID-19 impacts every aspect of our work and life, it takes only 2 months to clearly agreed the importance of being digitalised at almost everything. But first, did we transformed ourselves in this 2 months with all the time that we have?

We may not feel "the urge" to be productive during the First Phase of Restricted Movement Order (RMO) and not taking it seriously by learning to adapt to the new norms that potentially approaching right after/ during that period of time in March. Some may take their sweet time treating MCO as staying at home resting, without any plans either and complains on their boredom. Where else, many of us received the cash assistance from our Government, exception to us who are self-employed and married wife -_-. (Not a good sign for me tho.)

Reaching Phase 4 today,


I am quite worried with the economy today and the ability to survive for the next six months either self / home / local / national / international. 

Okay, back to what's the priority of this post - THE TOP 5 NEW NORMS.

1. Restaurants and Food Delivery

I bet many of us who never used our local available food delivery services and all at a sudden, now ordering Bubble Tea via Food Panda / More Fun and even Grab. The convenience is there.

Phase 1 of RMO, all of us are compulsory to stay at home and with exception, almost no car on the road. During Phase 3 of RMO, increasing numbers of restaurants re-opened their business, those with budget designed packages and campaigns to offer to the public. One of it shall be the Facebook Live session where I collaborate with 5th Avenue Bistro (E-West), Damai.

Non the less, an increasing number of home based food operators that try to earn a living with the assistance of social medias platform as well. Offering delivery services, home made food, fresh meats and vegetables.

With a smartphone in hand, we can generate income. With a smartphone in hand, we purchase online.

I have bee running KKBuy & Co for quite sometimes, currently with budget beauty products that comparable with expensive brands and snacks!

2. Flexible Working

With first phase of RMO, depends on the scope of working and terms, business owners has been instructed not to run their business operation at office. Left no choice, but to instruct employees to work from home, especially management office. 

Time still ticking, majority businesses can starts operating, but with the terms and condition as guided with the SOP of government. 

How flexible it would be? By working normal at 5 days a week, some may required to work two or three days a week. 

As for myself, working online and as an Real Estate Negotiator (Follow Me at Facebook - Adele MT Property), we can work any where, while our Company (IQI Realty Sdn. Bhd.) with the advance online system, I do not need to present myself at the office, we could get in touch and work via our online system.

While Flexible Working might be fun, we need to be very discipline to occupied our working time staying at home.

In Reality, it says "flexible", but identically we are not flexible. You know what I meant, longer working hours 😆

3. Masks and Social Distancing

Remember to wear our masks and practice social distancing!
Flatten the Curve. 

With more than 21 days adapting and familiarising to the new norms of covering our nose and mouth and practising social distancing, glad to say Sabah did well to keep the positive Covid as low as possible. Well done to Us! And of course, keep it up! We can have all the fun again once this pandemic is over! 

I can assure you that the Corona Virus Tester is not fun at all. Picking our nose deeply when we were found potentially having positive Covid 19. 

Life still goes on, we need to work to sustain right?

4. Webinar and Online Meeting
It has been a norms to learn online, from children till older generation. And this is not an abnormal scene at other countries. A creation of another business module arisen, with one speaker could speak to more than thousand people at one time.

I even subscribed a few online courses to equip with knowledge and more.

One thing that we never thought of, we could even purchase a property online. Absolutely can! I'm happy to close a few units with online private preview! 

In fact, a good point to own a property today with low interest rate as compared. When others fear of no income, they avoid purchasing assets, but did you realised that your full installment only starts after a few years when your property is completed. ;)

5. Repositioning of Business
O2O ("Online to Offline" and "Offline to Online")

It takes Covid-19 to know about the sustainability of a business. We foresee that in 3 months time, many businesses are closing down (we can see it even now). But wait a minute! For those who able to survive during this period, increasing income definitely will be theirs. In fact, an open mind of business owners will try to do whatever they could to move on within this period of time.

Tourism in Sabah was badly affected, the food industry as well, and most likely where business that require to meet people in person (eg. Retail). Perhaps all of these industries need to correct method and platform to be recovered.

I have been making my purchase online and sales via online too. Who are those busying closing deals and running their business? Here's the tips - those who have been BRANDING themselves and utilising ONLINE network.

Now, learning how to brand ourselves and to challenge ourselves by not staying at comfortable zone.

Stay Home and Stay Safe!
We Can Do It!


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