Saturday, April 4, 2020

RMO / CMO is not bored! Let's see what we can do!

Hey Hey Hey! How are you today?

It's been the 18th day staying at home and working from home due to Restricted Movement Order (RMO) or Movement Control Order (MCO), and I have been quite productive at home, while I do see a lot of people complaining they are bored and more, especially in Facebook.

Never knew most of you are a good chef at home! 😋😋

Well, I did noticed about the "Ang Ang Ang" story and those funny things that viral in Malaysia and non the less, I was one of them who have been viral-ed intentionally or unintentionally due to the Covid-19 incident. 

One thing for sure, I am NEGATIVE Covid-19 after being tested. 

Let's see how I utilise this CMO during this eighteen day.

Working At Home while having a leisure time.

Working online | Zoom Meeting | Created a new website.

Did I told you that I have attached with IQI Real Estate Company in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. There's been almost a week inventing and updating my property sharing website and will be occasionally updating properties knowledge and new good property deals around town and out of Sabah, if suitable.

Read more : Adele MT Property

Never knew that's so many insider stories with properties! Totally fun to learn about the market and so huge to explore.

Practicing Social Distance while clients picking up their buying goods!

I'm a beauty product seller at KKBuy & Co.

Self preparing breakfast / lunch and dinner.

Just look at what's interesting from social media, and make it for the family!

Dalgona Coffee fever!

Fake Shark Fin Soup

Updating website. :) I meant all websites and social media channels for work and leisure.

Online learning with marketing, finance, exercise and most of all.

I did a LIVE at Facebook! It's been a while to have "My Coffee Talk" live session! 

Let me know if you likes it!

RMO / CMO might be busy for most parents with child, while for those who utilising this period of time well, they are creating the impossible to possible!

There's a few questions to ask you - Did you manage to engage with your pending Whatsapp replies? Did you manage to filter all the name cards received? Did you manage to close some sales? 

There's so many things to ask ourselves whether did we make use of our time. Time management is important and that's why I have been slightly driven away with the current environment!

Hope you are well staying at home and get to be in touch with friends and family bonding time!

And last but least, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy! #StayAtHome!

That's me with my sanitiser when we did our Covid-19 test! And this will be kept in my book of history.

By the way, Tik Tok is such a trending social media channel now, let's follow each other at @meitzeu123


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