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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Win an Iphone with Yoodo! (Powered by Celcom)

December would be a miracle month for most of us ;)

Wishing myself a Happy Birthday too!


Yoodo - Malaysia’s first truly customisable and 100% digital mobile service is rolling out a series of giveaways to celebrate this Season of Giving. With two separate giveaway campaigns running across the month of December, new users and existing Yoodo users alike can look forward to rewards and prizes.

“2020 has been a rough year for many of us, but here at Yoodo we want to wrap it up with a bang and boxes full of presents for our users,” said Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo. “This Season of Giving we want to spread cheer and show gratitude – for our frontliners and our loyal users.

On the 8th December, 2020, we were invited for webinar with Head of Yoodo to know more about the insider story of Yoodo that exclusively great for gamers, movie lovers and non the less, for those who seek for cheap telco fees. 

In Semenanjung, Yoodo is no longer a new telco service and even my friend in Kuala Lumpur said that they love Yoodo on how strong is the coverage just like Celcom. Yes, you heard me, Yoodo is powered by Celcom, they are both from the same "family".
Still don't understand what's Yoodo and Why Yoodo? Watch this video below :

 Malaysia’s first truly customisable and 100% digital mobile service.
We adjust according to our preferred quota on data / sms and even voice call. As low as RM12?

Currently Yoodo is running a campaign of Double Special, where we can have double the data when we start using it today.

Just like other telco company, if you were thinking of changing current Yellow Fat Guy to Yoodo, we still can keep our number without purchasing new number!

Yoodo involved various e-sports and virtual events in Malaysia and some of the program are as follow :

Bah, don't miss the good time to win yourself an iphone!


 Ho! Ho! Holiday Giveaway

Kicking off the festive season for Yoodo is the Ho! Ho! Holiday Giveaway campaign that will reward existing Yoodo users with a Christmas Wishlist of prizes throughout the month. Prizes include Apple iPhone 12 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Apple AirPods Pro, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in-game Diamonds.  

For those looking to get these presents under their Christmas tree, all they have to do is perform specific actions tied to each gift category – such as spend RM50 and above in a single transaction or even simply purchase a 7GB data booster. From there qualified participants will be jotted down on Santa’s list where lucky winners will be selected to receive that extra special gift for Christmas. The campaign ends on 31 December 2020.

Note: For further details on prizes and how to win them please refer to the table below.

 Ho! Ho! Holiday Giveaway prize breakdown:



How to Win

Apple iPhone 12 Pro


Spend RM80 and above in a single transaction

Samsung Galaxy S20 Pro


Spend RM50 and above in a single transaction

Apple AirPods Pro


Subscribe to any Unlimited plan

1,500 MLBB Diamonds


Subscribe to 5GB base data + MLBB add-on

RM100 Boost Credit


Purchase 7GB data booster

Pineng Power Bank


Subscribe to 3-hour Power Pass for 2 times


Thanks to Yoodo for sharing their story to us and spreading the love to us Malaysian!

Subscribe Youtube : Yoodo

Facebook : Yoodo

Website : Yoodo


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Food Guide - KK : Poke Bowl Fever in Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu & Penampang, Sabah.

It is no longer a new "thing" in Kota Kinabalu today. While people aiming for healthier lifestyle, there's increasing lifestyle concept cafes and restaurants blooming in the market.
Well, good for us as consumers, right?  

What is POKE BOWL eventually? How does it exist?

Poke Bowl originated from Hawaii. A Hawaiian dish that is deeply rooted in Japanese cuisine. Poke means "cut into pieces" and refers to the slices or cubes of raw fish that are served in a bowl along with rice, dressing, vegetables and seasonings.

Image Credit : Super Ono

Here would be the list of Poke Bowl found in Kota Kinabalu!

If missing out in the list, let me know and I will add on here!


👉 Lintas

1) Guilt Free Society

2) Chatto


👉 City Centre - Australian Place (Gaya Street)

1) Biru Biru Cafe / In a Bowl

2) Sushi Tei


👉 Plaza 333

1) Super Ono

I have been enjoying my Poke Bowl session once a while and I hope you enjoyed too!

There's 100% vegetarian option or add on with meat protein as self preference.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Thailand : Bangkok Where to Go? Khao Yai, perhaps too!

Bangkok / Khao Yai, Thailand


It's quite sometime to get my blog updated recently. Has been quite busy with my Real Estate job and online shop! 

Here we are with updates on my Channel, feel free to watch more of our Sino Go Travel sannnaaaa Thailand!

 Oh ya, my initial itinerary is linked in this post, do check it out below!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Some may ask for my itinerary maybe? I do have and do check download - HERE!


Friday, August 21, 2020

KK Cafe : Namu Cafe - Where I learn Korean culture too!

 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Blending art and coffee, add on with friendly services. Not too crowded, just parking is an issue.

Located at Lintas, next to 99 Speedmart. There's one Korean Cafe operated by brother and sister, both golfers and chosen Kota Kinabalu to live. 

I like the patience of both brother and sister, somehow taught us Korean culture too.

Sister Namu shared that she love to bake and I shall say that their cake is not very fancy but surely simple while not very sweet. We love the simplicity that not rich in flavour. 

More over, they do serve home made Korean buns, Macarons, and Korean specialties which I see only at Namu Cafe.

They are serving Korean noodles / Bibimbap and more Korean dishes.

Certainly coffee also in the list!

Citron Tea also available.

Facebook : Namu Cafe

Location : Lintas Plaza - Next to 99 Speedmart / Brass Monkey

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

It's Time for Cuti Cuti Sabah, the Malaysian Style!

Sabah, Malaysia.

Do you know that one of the largest income generation for Sabah is through TOURISM.

Finally we are able to travel across districts and states under the restriction of MCO.

While foreigners / tourists are not able to fly in to our country for the time being, why don't we as a Malaysian / as the backbone of Malaysia travel within our Malaysia?

For each spending at our tourist destination, we are actually creating the economy flow and creating jobs opportunity.

Well, noticed that so many good offers (CHEAPER AS COMPARED BEFORE MCO) to travel within Sabah, to go for staycation are affordable and some of them are up to 50% discount! Imagine from RM1,000 (3 days 2 nights staycation), it's only RM400.00 NOW!

Sabah, the Land below the Wind, within 2 hours we are reachable to our Ranau, Kundasang / Mesilau with cold air. Within 1 - 3 hours, reachable to amazing islands.

Shh... While resorts and companies are still govern under SOP, we as the "tourists" was favouring! LESS CROWD AND INSTAGRAMMABLE PHOTOGRAPHY!

Experiencing our million dollar sunset like a BOSS.

Sunset Cruise @ RM188 per adult, RM95 per child.

Depart from Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Resort.

Padi Certificate Course


Mari Mari Sepangar Island.

Day Trip - From RM60 per pax

Mari Mari Sepangar Island.

Chalet/night - From RM88

Kinabalu Park

Nepenthes Suite (with breakfast) - 2 Days 1 Night

RM280 per unit

Kinabalu Park

Liwagu Suite (with breakfast) - 2 Days 1 Night

RM250.00 per unit

Mantanani Island - Staycation

Mantanani Island - Day Trip

From RM125.00 per adult

Interested? Do make a reservation here!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Travel Sabah : The Blue Tears & Milky Way of Mantanani Island, Kota Belud

Kota Belud, Sabah.

Perhaps everyone been looking for places to visit after more than 70 days being at home and not much of a flexibility.

We, Malaysian has been complaining traveling locally is so expensive now a day and huh! Now is the time to travel cheap (at least affordable) with classy rated services.

Have you ever wondered that such a view could be seen personally in Sabah?

Crystal clear sea water and with mirrored reflection.

To inquire : Whatsapp - Sutera @ Mantanani

An instagram-able jetty while having a quiet time. How about a getaway for you and your partner?

This resort that usually can have more than 80 guests, is currently allow to have 20 person visiting at one time, in accordance to the SOP of our national terms for this Pandemic condition.

The Chalet

Built with tropical hardwood by local islanders, it is spaciously designed to give a cooling interior effect.

The Chalet 

Wide bay windows allow majestic views of the beach and crystal clear ocean water.

Each chalet is equipped with a private balcony for you and your loved ones to relax and enjoy the island breeze. The beach is just 10 steps away from the main door.

To inquire : Whatsapp - Sutera @ Matanani

The Chalet

It's breathtaking view at Mantanani Island.

The Lobby

The Beach

Swing away!

Credit : @mylaansibin

Kid you not with the Milky Way that we may seen at night with clear sky. Always fascinated with mother nature.

If you are lucky, you will be experiencing the blue tears that many wanted to see personally. Say, it's seasonal where luminescent plankton grown as a food for jelly fish. JELLY FISHES! We might need to be extra careful when we see's the blue tears, jelly fishes are harmful to us.

You might be wondering is it true there's "Blue Tears" in the world. Definitely yes, while a friend of mine personally saw two weeks ago.

Let's travel Sabah!

It's from RM395nett (Normal from RM450) for two nights with two person with the Full Board Meals and Sea Transfer package (Ends 31 August 2020 | For Malaysian only) :

Whatsapp - Sutera @ Mantanani

Sunday, June 7, 2020

It's all about Facebook Live

How would it be to have a LIVE session?

Hmm.... I may say we need to have a basic confident before we start "the show".

Facebook Live have been around for the past few years. But this year, a high spike with educational and all kinds of sharing through Facebook Live during this MCO period. I have learnt quite a lot from various sifu during this two to three months, from my company sharing to social media and business sharing.

In fact, I didn't realise that I did quite a number of live session with friends and promotional for my online store as well. :)

Why Facebook Live?
It's trending and people are getting lazy to read, and if you are reading what I posted, you are a good reader! Yay!

Here am I sharing some live session that I did during this period of time ;)

In Chinese calendar of the fifth month, we will be having Dragon Boat Festival this month, spontaneously, I did a Live sharing session learning how to wrap the Chinese dumpling yesterday, it's my first attempt!

Facebook Page : @meitzeupage

As a Property Advisor : @adelemtproperty

Promotional at KKBuy & Co.

Greenery sharing at Ciku Mart Online

They say practice make perfect. Definitely yes. But without taking the first step, we will never learn ;)

Do let me know if you are having a Live session too!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

One of the Facial Care I Love today! Prebiotic Facial Care Set

Many knew that I own KKBuy & Co., while Lifestyle Online Store is one of my source of income,making sure that products are with good quality and reviews, more over personally tried all the products while introducing to friends and family, nationally and internationally.

Nothing beats the trust of a person to another seller, doesn't it?

Here's a video with the introduction of my favourite STAR PRODUCT of my Store!

And glad that 10 out of 10 person I introduced, love this series! Food for our skin too!

Prebiotic Facial Care Set!
No more acne skin and imbalance skin tone. <3 p="">

 Read more at website - URL

  WhatsApp Me :

Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Top Five (5) New Norms After Covid-19 Strikes

The Big Question : "Have you changed?"

As COVID-19 impacts every aspect of our work and life, it takes only 2 months to clearly agreed the importance of being digitalised at almost everything. But first, did we transformed ourselves in this 2 months with all the time that we have?

We may not feel "the urge" to be productive during the First Phase of Restricted Movement Order (RMO) and not taking it seriously by learning to adapt to the new norms that potentially approaching right after/ during that period of time in March. Some may take their sweet time treating MCO as staying at home resting, without any plans either and complains on their boredom. Where else, many of us received the cash assistance from our Government, exception to us who are self-employed and married wife -_-. (Not a good sign for me tho.)

Reaching Phase 4 today,


I am quite worried with the economy today and the ability to survive for the next six months either self / home / local / national / international. 

Okay, back to what's the priority of this post - THE TOP 5 NEW NORMS.

1. Restaurants and Food Delivery

I bet many of us who never used our local available food delivery services and all at a sudden, now ordering Bubble Tea via Food Panda / More Fun and even Grab. The convenience is there.

Phase 1 of RMO, all of us are compulsory to stay at home and with exception, almost no car on the road. During Phase 3 of RMO, increasing numbers of restaurants re-opened their business, those with budget designed packages and campaigns to offer to the public. One of it shall be the Facebook Live session where I collaborate with 5th Avenue Bistro (E-West), Damai.

Non the less, an increasing number of home based food operators that try to earn a living with the assistance of social medias platform as well. Offering delivery services, home made food, fresh meats and vegetables.

With a smartphone in hand, we can generate income. With a smartphone in hand, we purchase online.

I have bee running KKBuy & Co for quite sometimes, currently with budget beauty products that comparable with expensive brands and snacks!

2. Flexible Working

With first phase of RMO, depends on the scope of working and terms, business owners has been instructed not to run their business operation at office. Left no choice, but to instruct employees to work from home, especially management office. 

Time still ticking, majority businesses can starts operating, but with the terms and condition as guided with the SOP of government. 

How flexible it would be? By working normal at 5 days a week, some may required to work two or three days a week. 

As for myself, working online and as an Real Estate Negotiator (Follow Me at Facebook - Adele MT Property), we can work any where, while our Company (IQI Realty Sdn. Bhd.) with the advance online system, I do not need to present myself at the office, we could get in touch and work via our online system.

While Flexible Working might be fun, we need to be very discipline to occupied our working time staying at home.

In Reality, it says "flexible", but identically we are not flexible. You know what I meant, longer working hours 😆

3. Masks and Social Distancing

Remember to wear our masks and practice social distancing!
Flatten the Curve. 

With more than 21 days adapting and familiarising to the new norms of covering our nose and mouth and practising social distancing, glad to say Sabah did well to keep the positive Covid as low as possible. Well done to Us! And of course, keep it up! We can have all the fun again once this pandemic is over! 

I can assure you that the Corona Virus Tester is not fun at all. Picking our nose deeply when we were found potentially having positive Covid 19. 

Life still goes on, we need to work to sustain right?

4. Webinar and Online Meeting
It has been a norms to learn online, from children till older generation. And this is not an abnormal scene at other countries. A creation of another business module arisen, with one speaker could speak to more than thousand people at one time.

I even subscribed a few online courses to equip with knowledge and more.

One thing that we never thought of, we could even purchase a property online. Absolutely can! I'm happy to close a few units with online private preview! 

In fact, a good point to own a property today with low interest rate as compared. When others fear of no income, they avoid purchasing assets, but did you realised that your full installment only starts after a few years when your property is completed. ;)

5. Repositioning of Business
O2O ("Online to Offline" and "Offline to Online")

It takes Covid-19 to know about the sustainability of a business. We foresee that in 3 months time, many businesses are closing down (we can see it even now). But wait a minute! For those who able to survive during this period, increasing income definitely will be theirs. In fact, an open mind of business owners will try to do whatever they could to move on within this period of time.

Tourism in Sabah was badly affected, the food industry as well, and most likely where business that require to meet people in person (eg. Retail). Perhaps all of these industries need to correct method and platform to be recovered.

I have been making my purchase online and sales via online too. Who are those busying closing deals and running their business? Here's the tips - those who have been BRANDING themselves and utilising ONLINE network.

Now, learning how to brand ourselves and to challenge ourselves by not staying at comfortable zone.

Stay Home and Stay Safe!
We Can Do It!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Guide to KK Eats (V.2) : 40 Must Eat in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah : The Food Exploration  
KK Food Guide - Volume.1

Blooming cafes and restaurants here in Kota Kinabalu. But how many stays and remain their quality? Here's a list of evergreen restaurants and new trending (delicious) spots to check out.

The Sabah Native Food Galore

There's always a need to try the native delicacies here as a tourist and we as local Sabahan may want to try as well.

1) D'Place Kinabalu
Facebook : D'Place Kinabalu
Location : Plaza Shell
 Recommendation : Local delicacies


The Local Tea Time Specialties

Old fashion way of breakfast or afternoon tea, the local / Asian way.

1) Keng Wan Hing (瓊萬興茶室)
Blog post : URL
Location : Next to Alliance Bank Berhad, Gaya Street
 Recommendation : Steamed / Hot buns and pastries / noodles varieties

2) Kedai Kopi Jia Hua (佳华面包茶餐室)
Location : Bundusan Penampang and Kolombong
Recommendation : Cold butter and Kaya bun (Roti Kahwin)


Fresh fish noodle

Where fresh fishes are great for breakfast and lunch.

1) Tung Fong Seafood Restaurant 东风海鲜饭店
Blog : URL
Location : Inanam (From Inanam to downtown mainroad - a junction next to Shell Petrol Station.)
Recommendation : Braised fish

2) Fatt Kee 发记
Blog : URL
Location : Hilltop (Next to Prudential Insurance building)
Recommendation : Tom Yum Soup Based and Tomato Soup Based

 Sabah Noodle Delights 

There's varieties of noodles that we could have in KK, and all with own specialties. Tuaran Mee, Tamparuli Mee, Kota Belud Mee, Kon Lok Mee etc.

1) Keng Lok Restaurant
Foursquare : URL
Location : Bandar Penampang Baru (Lorong Bandar Penampang Baru), Penampang
Recommendation : Signature Noodle (with Century Eggs and Salted Vegetables) 

2) Kedai Kopi Hua Li
Location : Inanam Business Centre (near Inanam Bus Terminal)
Recommendation : Chinese Wine Mee Sua (Pic below) and Sarawakian varieties

Sang Nyuk Mian 

The pork noodle that they always say that "You did not visit KK if you didn't taste Sang Nyuk Mian.

1) Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian 新苏兰生肉面
Blog : URL
Location : Lintas Plaza
Recommendation : Kon Lou (with Soy Sauce Mixed noodle) and Chili sauce

2) Kedai Kopi Melanian 金沙园生肉面
Location : Lintas Plaza - Next to Hong Leong Bank Berhad
Recommendation : Kon Lou (with Soy Sauce Mixed noodle)

3) Jiang Siang Sang Nyuk Mian 家香生肉面
地点 : Lintas Plaza - Opposite Anak Mami
Recommendation : Kon Lou (with Soy Sauce Mixed noodle), Special Homemade eateries and Lai Chee Kang

Beef Noodles

It's the best I had.

1) Yii Siang Hainan Ngau Chap
Blog (CN) : URL
Location : Nountun Industrial, Inanam
Recommendation : Laksa Beef Noodle / Normal Beef Noodle

 Air conditioned Chinese Restaurants

Recommended restaurants to host our guests. 

1) Alu Alu Kitchen 雅露城
Blog : URL
Location : Kolombong Industrial Estate
Recommendation : Lunch and Dinner - Organic seafood, chicken and vegetables. Dim Sum available too.

2) New Wong Kok Restaurant 路阳新旺角酒楼
Blog : URL
Location : Luyang and Bundusan Penampang 
Recommendation : Dim Sum and Chinese dish (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner) 

3) Dynasty Chinese Restaurant 王朝中餐厅
Blog : URL
Location : Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu 凯城大酒店
Recommendation : Dim Sum and Chinese dishes (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

Seafood Restaurants

1) Luyang Restaurant 路阳酒家
Location : Luyang
Recommendation : Dinner - Crabs varieties

2) Kg. Nelayan Floating Seafood Market Restaurant
Blog : URL
Location : Bukit Padang, Taman Tun Fuad
Recommendation : Dinner - Seafood varieties (With cultural dances performance at specific hour)

3) Borneo Seafood Curry House
Facebook : URL
Location : Pavilion Bundusan, Penampang.
Recommendation : Lunch and Dinner 

Vegetarian Restaurants

1)  City Vegetarian 城市素館
Location : Lintas Platinum, Kepayan
Recommendation : Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner - Various ala cart dishes

2) Chui Yuan 翠园
Location : Penampang Baru, Penampang
Recommendation : Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner - Noodles varieties

3) Lao Dei Fong 老地方
Location : Penampang Bundusan, Penampang. (Same row as Supertanker Restaurant / Anak Mami)
Recommendation : Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Good cafes with fusion menu

1) Woo Cafe
Blog : URL
Location : Australian Place, downtown KK

2) Chiu's
Facebook : URL
Location : Marketplace 88, Kepayan

3) Super Ono's
Blog : URL
Location : Plaza 333
Recommendation : Poke Bowl varieties (raw Salmon, Avacado etc)


1)  Jin Jin Restaurant 津津茶室
Location : Lintas Square, Lintas

2) Lotus Coffee Shop 莲华楼
Location : Dah Yeh, Damai

3)  Kheng Hin Kopitiam 琼兴茶室
Location : Foh Sang, Luyang

1) Sin Kee Bak Kut Teh 新记肉骨茶 
Blog : URL
Location : Gaya Street

2) 万里香 Man Li Hiong
Location : Damai

 3) 佑记肉骨茶 Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh
Locatioon : Gaya Street

Korean Cuisine

1) The Bab's Korean Restaurant
Blog : URL
Location : Likas Golf (Driving Range)
Recommendation : Grilled pork

2) Hi Seoul!
Location : Likas Square
Recommendation : From RM10.00 set menu / Fried potato pancakes / Kimchi

Other Fusion I Love

1) Damn Good Burger
Blog : URL
Location : Australian Place, Downtown KK / ITCC, Kobusak
Recommendation : Beef and Lamb Burgers varieties

2) Chubs Grill
Facebook : URL
Location : Plaza Shell, Downtown KK
 Recommendation : Grilled Pork Belly / Pork Ribs / Pork Desserts

1) Damn Good Burger

2) Chubs Grill

Snacks and Desserts

1) Lucky Bean 幸运豆甜品坊 
Facebook : URL
Location : Lintas Square / City Mall / Imago Shopping Mall / Eggies Damai
Recommendation : Eggette and Pamelo Sago series

Cafes serving good coffee and matcha

1) October Coffee House
Blog : URL
Location : Latitude 6, Iramanis / The Peak, Likas / Australian Place
Recommendation : Coffee varieties

2) Ampersand Specialty Coffee & Co-workplace
Blog : URL
Location : Bandaran Berjaya
 Recommendation : Matcha

3) Haru Cafe
Facebook : URL
Location : Hilltop / Taman Cantek (Lido)
Recommendation : Matcha / Chocolate Drinks 

For more exciting food exploration, check my list from here