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Tuesday, October 22, 2019


 Vietjet offers an all-route promotion with millions of tickets priced from only MYR0

When comes to travel, we will be extremely excited when there's cheap fare! But now with all route promotion within 3 days from 22nd - 24th October, 2019, traveling to / from Vietnam would be FREE! Yay!!

Vietjet launched a mega promotion with millions of cost-saving tickets priced from only MYR0 (*) under a 3-day booking scheme from 22 to 24 October 2019, which is applicable to all domestic and international routes.

In conjunction with their year-end festive season, the promotional tickets are up for grabs during the golden hours between 1pm – 3pm (Malaysian time) for all international routes between Vietnam and Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia and domestic routes within Vietnam as well as all routes operated by Thai Vietjet.

The travel period for the promotional tickets is from 23 November 2019 to 30 June 2020 (**).

With Vietjet’s daily direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City, especially during the season to celebrate the excitement of jubilant festivals across Asia, there are even more reasons why you should fly to Vietnam and take connecting flights to explore different countries at affordable prices.

Ho Chi Minh City. (View from Sky Bar)


For the best ticket hunt, travelholics are encouraged to stay online on : 
Website : Vietjetair,  

 Mobile App : “Vietjet Air, 

Facebook : Vietjet Malaysia (by clicking “Booking” tab). 

All payment can be easily made with Vietjet SkyClub, Visa/ MasterCard/ AMEX/ JCB/ KCP/UnionPay cards

Cafe Apartment of Ho Chih Minh

Vietjet Vice President Nguyen Thanh Son said: “Vietjet aims to bring in more flying opportunities for both domestic and international travelers. Vietjet always encourages passengers to buy tickets quick to spend less on travel for the upcoming festive season. Moving forward, Vietjet will be launching Hanoi/ Ho Chi Minh City - New Delhi (India) routes and Da Nang - Tokyo (Japan)/ Taipei (Taiwan) routes, boosting trade and tourism between major cities and providing hassle-free direct flying experience for local residents, tourists and businessmen. Vietjet is also planning to increase flight frequency in order to meet customers’ demands for convenient flight opportunities.”

With a wide flight network of 129 routes connecting famous domestic and international destinations, Vietjet is gradually becoming a favourite choice for passengers with convenient flight schedules, quality services and super-saving tickets. Let’s enjoy flying with Vietjet to explore the beautiful Vietnam, or to travel across Asia to experience new lands, majestic nature, unique culture and attractive cuisine at affordable prices. Visiting the ancient capital in Hue, seeing buckwheat flowers in the Northwest of Vietnam, or watching the Sumo tournament in Tokyo has never been this easier. Just a click away at to fulfill your flying dream with millions of tickets priced from only MYR0.

As the people’s airline, Vietjet always opens new routes to bring im more flying opportunities at reasonable prices for everyone. With the spirit of “safety, happiness, affordability and punctuality” as its core values, Vietjet proudly creates memorable flying experiences for passengers on new aircraft with comfy seats, a choice of nine delicious hot meals served by beautiful and friendly cabin crew, also provides many other modern added-on services on e-commerce platform.

(*) Excluding taxes, fees
(**) Excluding national holidays

Sino Go Travel : Bangkok - Where to Go? What to Buy? (Female Travellers)

Bangkok, Thailand
Wondering what's "Sino Go Travel"?

It's the name created between four besties and all are Chinese native,  also known as "Sino". While "Go Travel", I should not need to explain more. ;) In fact, I do have series of videos at my Youtube Channel for #SinoGoTravel (Click) and hastag at Instagram.

It was our first oversea trip together, and months ago, we've chosen Bangkok, Thailand as a kick start! Each of us do have the differences and differences to be considered.


From KK to KL for transit and from KL to Bangkok. It took us half a day to reach Bangkok.

There are two accommodations we stayed during our 5 days 4 nights in Bangkok, one at Khao San and another at Pratunam. Both accommodations booked via AGODA.

I have been to Bangkok a few times and basically, I'm the amateur tourist guide for them. We didn't manage to visit some of the landmarks that I highly recommended and especially for first timer. 

Two of us prefer to go for sightseeing and another two love to shop, luckily 2 days out of the total 5 days were in the end - SHOPPING for 8 hours and up to more than 10 hours respectively. Places like Chatuchak Weekend Market, Krung Thong Plaza, Platinium Mall and snacks heaven - Big C.

And frankly speaking, shopping was nice when there's similar preference at one place. The big question is - MONEY MATTERS! (lol) 

Two of them, shop till broke. (lol) From clothes, snacks, shoes and so many more.

Tuk Tuk ride.

Tuk Tuk is one of the local transportation and it's a tourists must have. For me, I do not recommend Tuk Tuk ride as most of the driver would "slaughter" the tourists. (-_-)

And during our first local place to visit was sight seeing around Khao San area - and temples at most. 

Here's the story of our Tuk Tuk ride that day. 70 baht per person and to have a ride for one and half hours, we agreed because one of us wanted to have a ride with Tuk Tuk. 

First, the driver brought us to a pier and tried to convince us to take up the long canal ride for 700 baht per person and he tried to go lower to 400 baht per person. However, NO, we did not go for the long canal ride even though one of our itinerary was to visit Ta Ling Chan Floating Market. [In fact, there's cheaper cost available.] (Travel smart)

Next, Wat Indrawiharn - The 32-meter (100-foot) tall standing Buddha of Wat Indrawiharn used to be visible from just about any high vantage point around the old city. Now it's hidden behind the new buildings from Thailand's boom years of the 1980s and 90s. (source)

Next, he brought us to "Tourist Information Centre", it's similar to tour company as they are selling tour packages. I walked out from the centre within two minutes, just to stop the whole nonsense.

Next, another temple at one corner, which I can't recall it while I had quite a long talk with the worker of one of the royal praying event (for the remembrance of former King Rama IX on 13 October 2019) held for our trip in Bangkok. "NO SHORT PANTS" he said and eventually, the conversation made us found out that we were almost being cheated by the Tuk Tuk driver, it's 700 baht for the long canal ride, not per person, but the price for hiring the long canal ride.

Asiatique River Front

We went to Asiatique by Grab, and turn out to be nice to have street food dinner (although slightly pricey as compared with authentic Thai food) there while enjoying the music and environment.

What can we do at Asiatique? Asiatique inclusive of nice dining, shopping outlets, local artisan market, street food market and a theme park.

That's how we ended our first day.

 DAY 2

May, is a vegetarian and non the less, we may need to dine in at Vegetarian restaurant, kid you not, the breakfast we had was superb and colourful at Mango Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant and Arts Gallery

And we went to Chatuchak Weekend Market for food and shopping. We saw a lot of Malaysian there as well. Delicious local street food available and fashionable gems for us to check out. Go for massage when tired from shopping and continue shopping after! 

Manage to carry along our shopping goodies and by BTS Skytrain - Sukhumvit Line, we headed to Terminal 21.

After Terminal 21, we returned to our hostel at Khao San, took our shower, had a short walk and had a food massage at 11.30pm, while enjoying the clubs scenes opposite.

There's never a rest before 1.00am during our trip at Bangkok.

Fried insects!

Easily spotted at Khao San.

We did not enjoyed much of Khao San street food along the street of our hostel. Seems not as good as those I had at other Bangkok districts.

Foot massages

Thai Beer



Ready to pack and heading Khao Yai (middle Thailand) for day trip.

Frankly, it is better to have 2 days 1 night trip to Khao Yai, where tourists can walk slowly and enjoy various man made themed park. Remember to bring extra Thai Baht for entrance fee!

Hired a tour guide for our trip to Khao Yai, and we were ready at 7.00am and one and half hour to our breakfast at a food court and continued another 1 hour to Dairy Home Organic Outlet for ice cream treats. I have paid for four ice creams with cute cups at 250 baht.

PB Valley

Entrance (tour) fee required.

We had our winery tour at PB Valley, the largest wine yard at Thailand.

Learning about the grapes, how red and white wines were made and tasting the wines by PB valley.

The Blooms

Entrance fee required.

It's a flower gardens and the memorable one would be witnessing the sunflowers. I have been wanted to witness the sunflowers farm personally. We manage to see it, but it wasn't the best blooming season, two more weeks to bloom perfectly or December is the season!

Primo Piazza Khao Yai 

 or the Little Italy of Thailand is a picturesque inspired Tuscan Village situated in Pak Chong.

Entrance fee required.

We love this place so much! Manage to feed the lambs and Lama Alpaca! So cute!!

Continued with more photos shooting along the plaza and garden.

Palio Khao Yai

continuing with the Little Italy of Thailand situated in Pak Chong.

Palio will be more to shopping streets and we had a very short walk and few photos shooting and we left.

The Chocolate Factory Khao Yai

Did our shopping at the chocolate factory. Price was pricey, but chocolate was delicious.
To end our Khao Yai day trip, we had our tea at their cafe before heading back to Pratunam district, Bangkok.

The must have in Thailand - The iconic VIP Luxury Van!

It's like a party van and in Thai they named it as the VIP Van, and I recalled that I did not book this van, maybe they have upgraded for us?

Due to long holiday weekend in Thailand, it took us more than 5 hours to reach Bangkok from Khao Yai. Normally, it took three (3) hours to reach from one place to another.


Vegetarian breakfast at a Vegetarian restaurant, with few minutes walk from our hotel and with the help of Google Map!

It's an Indian restaurant in fact. Tasty, but salty.

After the breakfast, we had a 15 minutes walk from the restaurant to the shopping malls area - Platinum Mall and Krong Thong Plaza.

Initially, we walked to Krong Thong Plaza, as it shall be a wise choice to have a look before heading to the opposite mall - Platinum Mall.

Shopping was good at Krong Thong Plaza, although the building wasn't as classy as Platinum, but the price was just affordable, shop more for cheap and distribution priced! It took us hours at Krong Thong Plaza and available size with be good for us with large sizes. This even made us stayed longer.

Platinum Mall outlets would cost higher and strict on the price, it is a recommended shopping place for high street fashions.

From Platinum Mall, we walked towards Big C/ Central World. 10 minutes walk to Erawan Shrine for praying before heading to Naraya at Central World as Sylvia requested.

The image above was the iconic view of traffic in Bangkok. We had more walking during last two days while carrying those shopping bags and goodies.

Erawan Shrine

The four faced Buddha which I insist to visit and for my prayers.

I do love the pretty hair do by myself! Back here in KK, wasn't that hype to do it.

After You Cafe, Central World

The highly recommended cafe in Thailand, and they even expand their business to Kuala Lumpur.

We had two cafe recommendation, the above dessert with seasonal Mango Sticky Rice and the Chocolate toast with ice cream.

Maybe because of personal preference, I would love to let them see faces of Bangkok, the authentic Royal Thai scene at Khao San, the creative and busy Bangkok business area.

Well, yes and no. Places like The Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Siam Paragon and others, we manage to go for the sight seeing from Grab and SkyTrain. Better than non.

Snacks shopping and Fashion Shopping 

Krong Thong Plaza / Platinum Mall / BIG C / 7 Eleven and streets.

Bangkok is a shopping heaven if you love to shop.

Shopping for snacks and must buy, does not limit to 7 Eleven and Big C.

Other must buy snacks in Thailand - here

There's so many must buy list all over the internet. For me during this trip? I did most fashion shopping in Bangkok, less on snacks as previously bought more. I do need to learn the meaning of travel.



Bye Bye Bangkok

Our driver will be fetching us at 12.30pm.

We walk in to a random Thai restaurant for breakfast, and the lady boss gave us local spring rolls for treats! How kind of her! It taste good!

Had a walk nearby the area after breakfast and got ourselves lost. 

(lol) We never know what and where will be.

Coffee fixed.

7 Eleven is a must visit in Thailand! 

We had fun and a little hiccups along the way. Well, sometimes we need to be considered, not emotionally, but with the sense of humanity to reach a common agreement.

Glad to have this Sino Go Travel trip 2019.

Look forward to the video at my Youtube Channel soon! By the look of their faces, we all are happy!

Date of visit : 
12th - 16th October, 2019 

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