Thursday, May 2, 2019

It's Time to Travel and that's My Travel Packing List Essentials!

Each of us having our favorite things to do. 

For myself, I love to travel and my friends like to date me for short trips too! My next trip would be in May, July and October.

In addition, for a travel and food blogger like me, we always need to keep ourselves updated with gadgets and accessories that are convenient back and forth. There's always a new tools to pick up especially for girls.

As a preparation before flying off, it is a norms to buy something for myself - Skincare, tops, phone camera gadgets (if any)

Now, what are the items that I will bring and where do I shop?

I hardly go to the mall now a days, dislike the hot weather and traffic which sometimes takes hours back and forth. Therefore, online would be the best!

There are two main websites that I normally check and always enjoy shopping with Zalora and Lazada, while one for various fashion range and beauty products, Lazada would be offering almost all kind of items from personal, home appliances and even photography accessories!

Okay, back to my travel packing list - Skincare!

I dislike troubling myself by filling empty small bottles with my existing skincare products, therefore, travel packs' skincare would be my first selection! Found Laneige, a Korean skincare brand having a few types of travel packs and with the availability of Lazada Voucher, it's always a good treat to buy at a cheaper rate whenever possible!

Travel Packing List - Camera / Phone Camera Accessories

Over the years, I owned 5 selfie sticks and recently found myself a convenient one that could use as a tripod that is convenient to travel with, especially for solo traveler, one of the best so far.

The price stated might be cheap, but with Lazada Voucher Code, we could save even more! Boy, I do enjoy shopping with Lazada. I could spend hours for online shopping!

The more we buy, the more we could save when there's a discount. 10%? 20%?

Travel Packing List - New Tops and Dresses

Zalora offers worthy price and quality fashion items and I see that it is convenient to buy with them. It takes only three working days to arrive in Kota Kinabalu.

Checked with ShopCoupons, they having Zalora Promo Code as well!

I would love to take photos with fashionable outfits that will suits a place/ theme. Say like, Thailand - casual with short pants and Hawaiian inspired attires would look perfectly fine in frame. 

Or maybe a Classic Parisian theme when travel to England.

Travel Packing List - Disposable Panties

When I travel for a week, certainly I bring along disposable panties and usual panties to avoid some unpleasant odor of non dry event. It's all depends on how is the itinerary would be and how long we staying at one hotel.

Travel Packing List - Bags 

Normally I will bring two to three types of bags - Backpack, Sling bag and shopping bag! Just to ease my headache and backpack will be a good idea to put anything and made our helpful whenever possible.

 I guess that's all for my travel packing list essentials. ;)

By the way, here's a travel packing checklist that might be useful to you!

By the way, don't forget to bring some medicine for emergency too!We don't want to have diarrhea while traveling right?

Happy Traveling!

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  1. I want to travel! Haha.... thanks for sharing your packing list :)