Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sabah : Day Trip V.2 - Kundasang / Ranau & Mesilau - The Mt. Kinabalu & Little New Zealand to be!

Sabah, Malaysia

I always say that scenery in Sabah is always catchy. "The Land Below the Wind", a state that is not advance, and yet not laid back, it is just nice. 

It was quite sometimes that I have not been visiting Kundasang area, while experiencing that cold breezy air and appreciate the wonders of  our Mt. Kinabalu.

- Desa Dairy Farm -

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First stop - Nabalu Kundasang

It takes about 1 and half hour from Kota Kinabalu City to reach Kundasang area and one of the best spot to have a good photo of Mt. Kinabalu while buying some snacks and some local delish at Nabalu Kundasang.

In fact, fruits and vegetable are fresh and also can be found in Kota Kinabalu City.

- Nabalu Kundasang -

A short visiting before we headed to Kinabalu Pine Resort for lunch. Lunch was delicious with local fried noodles as our choice.

- View from Kinabalu Pine Resort -

The perfect view to experience Mt. Kinabalu scene with near distance. But, the cloud covered the mountain slightly in the afternoon.

One of the best time is to see from 6.30am! Need to stay overnight to see the view next morning.

- View from Kinabalu Pine Resort's Restaurant -

- View at Kinabalu Pine Resort -

- View from Kinabalu Pine Resort -

- Nabalu Kundasang - 

Vegetables selling at RM10.00 for any three selection.

- Desa Dairy Farm -

- Desa Dairy Farm - 

With 199 hectares in size of farm, while most cows are Holstein Friesian cows imported from New Zealand, the highest milk producers of all cattle breeds.

Desa is always close to our heart since age of 7, where sponsored milk by Desa was given to our primary school. They always say - "We grow with Desa milk!" (我们喝着Desa 牛奶长大的)

- Desa Dairy Farm - 

Mesilau located 100km away from Kota Kinabalu City. The air is cold and we encouraged friends and family to wear sweater of thick clothes when we headed there.

- Desa Dairy Farm - 

With good publicity of Desa by the locals and tourist with "Little New Zealand of Malaysia", Desa provide a range of product from milk, gelato, yogurt, pizza and more. Some of the specialties only can be tasted here at Mesilau.

As for milk and yogurt, we can purchase from supermarket from our neighbor hood.

The rain started to fall after our visiting to Desa, while on the way back to Kota Kinabalu, we did passed by Kinabalu Park while I was having my nap, therefore no photos available to show here!

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  1. I have not beed to the farm... must find one day to go! :D

  2. I wanna visit Desa Dairy Farm and eat the ice-cream!