Monday, January 14, 2019

Night Life in Hong Kong Island - Not Only "Lan Kwai Fong" 兰桂坊!

Hong Kong Island

After we had our dinner near Central, it's time to go back to our hotel. But, wait a minute!

In fact, it's time to stroll around Hong Kong Island with Charmaine who willing to bring me for an insight.

We always heard about Lan Kwai Fong of Hong Kong where night life is the best place to be.

Finally I have the opportunity to experience LKF personally. Tourists like me were walking and drinking at bars and dining nearby.

Emack & Bolio's

One of the recommended Ice Cream here!

The longest escalator in Hong Kong Island.

Hollywood Road GOD Store

" ... Local artist Alex Croft’s colourful mural of old townhouses seems to continuously have tourists and local Instagrammers alike hanging around seeking a snapshot. Originally a commissioned piece for lifestyle brand GOD’s store around the corner, the art is now an attraction itself. Opposite The Globe, 45-53 Graham St, Central. " - Time Out

One of the favourite spot for photography.

It's a candy shop that we have walked by.

Night scene.

And we waited for the tram to go to our hotel located at Wanchai. The tram only available at Hong Kong Island.

In fact, it could be a romantic date too. :)

That's Charmaine. :) Always a good opportunity to know more of the insight of a country when we have relatives!

View from the tram.

I love to stand at the bridge while looking at the buildings and the busy streets. Same goes to Thailand and Vietnam. If you have the chance to stand at the bridge of a busy street, you will enjoy it as well!


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