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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Kota Kinabalu Eats : Hang Ho Wan Dim Sum 行好运 美食点心

Kota Kinabalu - Lintas Square
Non Halal.

Congratulation to Hang Ho Wan Dim Sum for their grand opening on 20.01.2019!

With 6 years experience of Dim Sum Masters from renowned international chained restaurant are now available at our neighbourhood. 

There are various extraordinary selection apart from the normal Sau Mai & Har Gao. There's Dinasaur Cheong Fun, Pork Dumpling with spicy sauce & new creative Dim Sums.

Please note that they are open on first day of CNY too!

Facebook :
Hang Ho Wan Dim Sum 行好运 美食点心

Location :
Lot No. 9-0, Block G, Ground Floor, Lintas Square, Jalan Lintas, 88300 KK, Sabah.
Operating Hour :
Daily from 7.30am - 4.00pm. Except Monday.
Reservation :
016 206 0181

KK Food : Authentic Delicias Mexican Food Spotted at S7 Food Court

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Serve No Pork

It was drizzling when we had our Mexican dining days ago. 

Operated by Humberto, a Mexican together with his lovely wife who happened to be a local Chinese. With good recommendation from both husband and wife, we had a "delicias" authentic Mexican comfort dinner.

The best part would be the feeling of not bloated or oily after we had majority of the menu offered.

In the other hand, 90% of the ingredients from corns to chilies were imported all the way from Mexico. Of the price they of each dish they served, you will feel that it is quite worthy. 

Snacks - Pellets 

The Mexican "keropok". 

Delicias Mexican Food is running their business at S7 Food Court currently, not a fancy restaurant yet. 


We enjoyed the melting cheese with nachos and Salsa topping.

Taco - Grilled Beef

Imported New Zealand / Australian beef would be the perfect combination of good food.

Taco - Campo

Campo. Strips of meat with Mexican spices, stoned grilled and served with pineapple and fresh cilantro.


Burritos - Beef Fajitas

Beef Fajitas. Imported New Zealand / Australia tender beef, cooked with green/yellow bell peppers, and seasoned to the ideal point of taste. 

There's always a good reason for having imported beef to be served. The meat texture is tender and easily accepted by majority of us.

Burritos - Grilled Beef

 Burritos - Al-Tierra

Al-Tierra. It is a traditional slow-roasted dish, the chicken meat was well marinated with Mexican spices. Cooked till soft and tender.

Mexican Steamed Rice

All we smell was the fragrant rice. It looks like normal white steam rice with colourful vegetable chunks. Don't be fooled with the look! Personally, I am not a rice person, as for this Mexican Steamed Rice, I will give them a thumbs up!


Freshly handmade wheat tortilla with deliciously melted Mozzarella cheese, served with the preferred meat dish of our choice.

Desserts - Churros with home made chocolate sauce

Homemade food are always the best food, don't you think?

Freshly made hot Churros as dessert, with sugar and cinamon powder. Chocolate sauce not sweet at all.


The Crew

They always say, happy food makes happy people!

Facebook : Delicias Mexican Food
Instagram : Delician Mexican Food

Location :
S7 Food Court, Jalan Lintas Kolombong, 88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Operating Hour : 6.00pm - 10.00pm (or close during Sold Out)

Contact : 014-679 8417
Price : $ - $$

Friday, January 25, 2019

CNY Series by E-West 永乐酒楼, Damai

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 
E-West : Serve No Pork
5th Avenue : Non Halal

 Another tossing session with JD group with friends!

Interestingly I enjoyed the Chinese meal served here and normally I will have my lunch at 5th Avenue which served pork menu.

 Another Lao Sang session with friends again. I guess i had the most Lao Sang this year!

The CNY package that we had were priced at RM888.00 (JD member) with bottle of wine while normal price is RM988.00 for non member. (Menu at bottom of this post)

I always like to have free membership to enjoy the privilege if I will be visiting again in the future. 

RM50.00 to be JD Member and free RM50.00 cash voucher!

By the way, don't forget to enjoy the lion dances that they will be having at all the restaurant under JD group! Check out their Facebook for more details!

Facebook : E-West Restaurant

Venue : E-West Restaurant, Damai.
Reservation :
Available from 4 Feb onwards with one day pre-booking.
088-221 233


Follow "Meitzeu" at Channel :
👍🏻 Facebook - Meitzeu 美诗 from Sabah - Food, Travel & Lifestyle

. 📸 Instagram - @meitzeu
Youtube - meitzeu

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

CNY Series : Good Fortune Dim Sum and Yee Sang with Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu!

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
We were invited for a lunch at Dynasty Chinese Restaurant (皇朝中餐廳)  by Promenade Hotel, a Halal certified restaurant of the hotel.

The lunch was also attended by various local and international artiste who are performing in the Hotel’s Annual Chinese New Gala Dinner at its Rafflesia Grand Ballroom. Include our renown Emcee of the night - Tenom-born Sabahan Wesley Liew Kuok Yit (刘广艺) who won Most Popular Award and 4th placing in the 18th Astro Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition (经典名曲歌唱大赛) and Internationally acclaimed Child Performer - Ms. Fatimah Noryyah (法蒂玛诺雅)from 2018 Lets Sing Kids Season 5 (中国新声代第五季) .

Wesley Liew Kuok Yit (刘广艺)

Chinese New Year celebration is never complete without the partaking of the traditional auspicious salad dish known as ‘Yee Sang’. To kick start the Year, Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu shared a customary tossing of ‘Yee Sang’ session with members of the press before indulging in a tantalizing medley of Must-Try festive dishes specially prepared by the Hotel’s Executive Chef Alvin Tan (陈書淵 & his team of Master Chef’s.

Due to its past overwhelming response, Chef Alvin & his team will continue to serve this year’s ‘Yee Sang’ condiments with healthy Olive Oil (采用健康橄榄油的鸿运鱼生) usher in Good HEALTH, Fortune, Luck, Wealth and Longevity throughout the year.

Besides the Healthy Prosperity ‘Yee Sang’, which is available for takeaways until 19th February, the media were also given a chance to sample NEW Must-Try range of Dim Sums that will be made available throughout the Chinese New Year. 

The list of highly recommended NEW Dim Sums by Dim Sum Chef Arthur Chew Foo Chung (周富忠) are Steamed Century Egg Dumplings(古早皮蛋卖), Deep Fried Yam Rolls with Scallop(芋蓉带子卷) , Steamed Charcoal Buns with Salted Egg Custard Filings (竹炭流沙包) , Steamed Oyster Dumplings with Sea Moss (蚝仕发菜卖), Steamed Chicken & Smoked Duck Dumplings(鸡肉烟鸭饺), Chicken Curry ‘Yam Kok’(咖哩芋角) & ‘Nasi Lemak’ Yam Kok (椰浆饭芋角) . 

Available during Ballroom Dim Sum from the 1st (年初一) to the 6th Day (年初六) of the Chinese New Year from 7.30am – 2.30pm. [In Rafflesia Ballroom from 5th – 7th January 2019 and in Dynasty Restaurant from 8th – 10th January 2019].

The hotel’s Halal Dynasty Chinese Restaurant (皇朝中餐廳) is also serving Prosperity Chinese New Year Set Menus with a choice of RM688 or RM888 per table of 5 persons and RM1,188 or RM1,688 per table of 10 persons. For diners, who wish to select own choice of dishes, Dynasty Restaurant also offers delectable selections from its Special Chinese New Year Ala Carte Menu – which is available until the 15th Day of Chinese New Year (‘Chap Goh Mei”) on Tuesday, 19th February 2019.


Location :
Dynasty Restaurant
Promenade Hotels & Resort Kota Kinabalu.

Facebook :
Promenade Hotels and Resorts ¦

Instagram : 
Promenade Hotels and Resort | @promenadehotelsnresort

For more promotional details at the Promenade Group of Hotels :
- Promenade Café in Kota Kinabalu [Tel: (60) (88) 252 396 / 265 555 Ext: 5107]
- Café@se7en in Tawau [Tel: (60) (89) 982 910]
- Peppers Café in Bintulu [Tel: (60) (86) 858 888]

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

CNY Series : Prosperity Sets by Tasty Wok (Venition Club), Lido-Kepayan

Chinese New Year Series

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Serving No Pork.

It is the annual Spring Festival / Lunar New Year while majority of the restaurants in town are having their Chinese New Year specialties to suits the locals for the whole CNY month or at least 15 days ;)!

This week, we were invited to taste varieties of auspicious dishes at Tasty Wok (Venition).

By the way, the will be Lion Dance performance in 9th February, 2019 at 8.00pm and there will be also special promotion at Tasty Wok too!

"Chinese New Year Prosperity Set"

In conjunction with this auspicious celebration, Chef Yew Beng Kooi of Tasty Wok, Venition created Chinese New Year Prosperity Set with a 10 course table menu.

As shown at the end of this post, the menu includes a serving of (1) Rainbow Yee Sang, (2) Fish Maw Seafood Soup, (3) Steamed Corn-fed Chicken with Goji Berries, (4) Steamed Grouper Fish, (5) Pan-fired Prawn with Garlic, (6) Braised Dried Duck with Assorted Mushrooms, (7) Braised Vegetables with Dried Oyster and Fatt Choy, (8) Chef's Special Salted Egg Fried Rice, (9) Colourful Pudding and (10) Shanghai Pudding.

The price for "Chinese New Year Prosperity Set" is RM888.00 for Non-member, while Jesselton Diners Card Members can enjoy at price RM788.00!

It is preferable to make advance booking from 4th February, 2019 to 28th February, 2019.

"Seafood Bakuteh Special Set"

Besides CNY Prosperity Set, Tasty Wok also featured Seafood Bakuteh Special Set (as shown below)which include (1) Seafood Bakuteh, (2) Blanced YuMak, (3) Braised Fish Belly and (4) Special Yam Price.

Seafood BKT Special Set priced at RM388.00 for Non Member, while JD Card Member can enjoy at price RM328.00!

Would like to know how to be JD Card Member? Read below!

Our first Lao Sang of the year!

Yu Sang always the best with fresh ingredients.

How to join the Jesselton Diners Dining Membership?

We may sign up by purchasing the card at RM50.00 which will then receive RM50.00 Cash Voucher and able to enjoy 10% discount on ala cart order and having the privilege to enjoy member price for promotional items!

Meaning that, we can enjoy RM50.00 cash voucher during our next dining at any JD restaurants!

Tasty Wok (Venition)
Facebook : Venition Club

Operating Hour : 8.00am to 12.00am

Reservation : 088-728 188 | 088-729 199

Location : Jalan Lintas (Lido-Kepayan bypass)