Sunday, December 16, 2018

Jollibee Landed in Sabah & It's the First Store in Malaysia!

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

In fact, Jollibee is back in Malaysia for good. It was once opened at Likas when I was just a little girl! Maybe due to lack of fast food lovers back then and now having their FIRST Store in Malaysia!

They are officially running their business on 15 December, 2018. The crowd were excited with long queue from Jollibee to Centre Point centre stage. I am surely lucky to be able to try their famous menu at the first day of their opening without having to wait for long.

Jollibee originated from the Philippines were officially open to run their business and say YES to Jollibee! Congratulation to Jollibee on their first outlet in Malaysia, another well known fast food chain here in KK with world famous chicken joy!

All the way from Philippines!

Jollibee's bestsellers are

Chickenjoy Fried Chicken - What do I have to say more? It's their star menu!

Jolly Spaghetti -Signature sweet-style sauce loaded with chunky slices hotdog

Yumburgers - Classic combination of Jollibee's patty that made with 100% pure beef and special burger dressing.

Jollibee having their outlets worldwide and friends in Malaysia, especially Kota Kinabalu here are excited with Jollibee !

So, make your time to bee here to try the world famous chickenjoy!

Facebook :
Jollibee Malaysia

Location :
First Store : Centre Point Sabah (9.00am - 10.00pm)


  1. I want to tryyyyyyy . dunno nice or not, forget to try it when visit Philippines

  2. Hello . I Love This Jollibee Blog . Love The Menu and Photo That You Write And Took It for Reference Thank You . . . . :)

    1. Hi Mike, welcome to my blog.
      Do check out Jollibee Malaysia webiste
      for more details!
      Basically all the dishes I took here are served the same at Jollibee Malaysia.;)

  3. Hello . I Love This Jollibee Blog . Can know The Menu And How Is Look Like The Food Photo That You Took . Can Do Reference Thank You . . . . : )

  4. the event was fun and so lively! I've never seen people lined up that long for something other than free RM100 Sephora voucher. >.<

    Myra | The Grey Lines Between

  5. dulu Jollibee ada di KK, lepas tu dorang closed down business..
    hope lepas ni they come back for real ...
    Jollibee punya menu pun best.