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Guide to KK Eats (V.2) : 40 Must Eat in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah : The Food Exploration  
KK Food Guide - Volume.1

Blooming cafes and restaurants here in Kota Kinabalu. But how many stays and remain their quality? Here's a list of evergreen restaurants and new trending (delicious) spots to check out.

The Sabah Native Food Galore

There's always a need to try the native delicacies here as a tourist and we as local Sabahan may want to try as well.

1) D'Place Kinabalu
Facebook : D'Place Kinabalu
Location : Plaza Shell
 Recommendation : Local delicacies


The Local Tea Time Specialties

Old fashion way of breakfast or afternoon tea, the local / Asian way.

1) Keng Wan Hing (瓊萬興茶室)
Blog post : URL
Location : Next to Alliance Bank Berhad, Gaya Street
 Recommendation : Steamed / Hot buns and pastries / noodles varieties

2) Kedai Kopi Jia Hua (佳华面包茶餐室)
Location : Bundusan Penampang and Kolombong
Recommendation : Cold butter and Kaya bun (Roti Kahwin)


Fresh fish noodle

Where fresh fishes are great for breakfast and lunch.

1) Tung Fong Seafood Restaurant 东风海鲜饭店
Blog : URL
Location : Inanam (From Inanam to downtown mainroad - a junction next to Shell Petrol Station.)
Recommendation : Braised fish

2) Fatt Kee 发记
Blog : URL
Location : Hilltop (Next to Prudential Insurance building)
Recommendation : Tom Yum Soup Based and Tomato Soup Based

 Sabah Noodle Delights 

There's varieties of noodles that we could have in KK, and all with own specialties. Tuaran Mee, Tamparuli Mee, Kota Belud Mee, Kon Lok Mee etc.

1) Keng Lok Restaurant
Foursquare : URL
Location : Bandar Penampang Baru (Lorong Bandar Penampang Baru), Penampang
Recommendation : Signature Noodle (with Century Eggs and Salted Vegetables) 

2) Kedai Kopi Hua Li
Location : Inanam Business Centre (near Inanam Bus Terminal)
Recommendation : Chinese Wine Mee Sua (Pic below) and Sarawakian varieties

Sang Nyuk Mian 

The pork noodle that they always say that "You did not visit KK if you didn't taste Sang Nyuk Mian.

1) Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian 新苏兰生肉面
Blog : URL
Location : Lintas Plaza
Recommendation : Kon Lou (with Soy Sauce Mixed noodle) and Chili sauce

2) Kedai Kopi Melanian 金沙园生肉面
Location : Lintas Plaza - Next to Hong Leong Bank Berhad
Recommendation : Kon Lou (with Soy Sauce Mixed noodle)

3) Jiang Siang Sang Nyuk Mian 家香生肉面
地点 : Lintas Plaza - Opposite Anak Mami
Recommendation : Kon Lou (with Soy Sauce Mixed noodle), Special Homemade eateries and Lai Chee Kang

Beef Noodles

It's the best I had.

1) Yii Siang Hainan Ngau Chap
Blog (CN) : URL
Location : Nountun Industrial, Inanam
Recommendation : Laksa Beef Noodle / Normal Beef Noodle

 Air conditioned Chinese Restaurants

Recommended restaurants to host our guests. 

1) Alu Alu Kitchen 雅露城
Blog : URL
Location : Kolombong Industrial Estate
Recommendation : Lunch and Dinner - Organic seafood, chicken and vegetables. Dim Sum available too.

2) New Wong Kok Restaurant 路阳新旺角酒楼
Blog : URL
Location : Luyang and Bundusan Penampang 
Recommendation : Dim Sum and Chinese dish (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner) 

3) Dynasty Chinese Restaurant 王朝中餐厅
Blog : URL
Location : Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu 凯城大酒店
Recommendation : Dim Sum and Chinese dishes (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

Seafood Restaurants

1) Luyang Restaurant 路阳酒家
Location : Luyang
Recommendation : Dinner - Crabs varieties

2) Kg. Nelayan Floating Seafood Market Restaurant
Blog : URL
Location : Bukit Padang, Taman Tun Fuad
Recommendation : Dinner - Seafood varieties (With cultural dances performance at specific hour)

3) Borneo Seafood Curry House
Facebook : URL
Location : Pavilion Bundusan, Penampang.
Recommendation : Lunch and Dinner 

Vegetarian Restaurants

1)  City Vegetarian 城市素館
Location : Lintas Platinum, Kepayan
Recommendation : Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner - Various ala cart dishes

2) Chui Yuan 翠园
Location : Penampang Baru, Penampang
Recommendation : Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner - Noodles varieties

3) Lao Dei Fong 老地方
Location : Penampang Bundusan, Penampang. (Same row as Supertanker Restaurant / Anak Mami)
Recommendation : Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Good cafes with fusion menu

1) Woo Cafe
Blog : URL
Location : Australian Place, downtown KK

2) Chiu's
Facebook : URL
Location : Marketplace 88, Kepayan

3) Super Ono's
Blog : URL
Location : Plaza 333
Recommendation : Poke Bowl varieties (raw Salmon, Avacado etc)


1)  Jin Jin Restaurant 津津茶室
Location : Lintas Square, Lintas

2) Lotus Coffee Shop 莲华楼
Location : Dah Yeh, Damai

3)  Kheng Hin Kopitiam 琼兴茶室
Location : Foh Sang, Luyang

1) Sin Kee Bak Kut Teh 新记肉骨茶 
Blog : URL
Location : Gaya Street

2) 万里香 Man Li Hiong
Location : Damai

 3) 佑记肉骨茶 Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh
Locatioon : Gaya Street

Korean Cuisine

1) The Bab's Korean Restaurant
Blog : URL
Location : Likas Golf (Driving Range)
Recommendation : Grilled pork

2) Hi Seoul!
Location : Likas Square
Recommendation : From RM10.00 set menu / Fried potato pancakes / Kimchi

Other Fusion I Love

1) Damn Good Burger
Blog : URL
Location : Australian Place, Downtown KK / ITCC, Kobusak
Recommendation : Beef and Lamb Burgers varieties

2) Chubs Grill
Facebook : URL
Location : Plaza Shell, Downtown KK
 Recommendation : Grilled Pork Belly / Pork Ribs / Pork Desserts

1) Damn Good Burger

2) Chubs Grill

Snacks and Desserts

1) Lucky Bean 幸运豆甜品坊 
Facebook : URL
Location : Lintas Square / City Mall / Imago Shopping Mall / Eggies Damai
Recommendation : Eggette and Pamelo Sago series

Cafes serving good coffee and matcha

1) October Coffee House
Blog : URL
Location : Latitude 6, Iramanis / The Peak, Likas / Australian Place
Recommendation : Coffee varieties

2) Ampersand Specialty Coffee & Co-workplace
Blog : URL
Location : Bandaran Berjaya
 Recommendation : Matcha

3) Haru Cafe
Facebook : URL
Location : Hilltop / Taman Cantek (Lido)
Recommendation : Matcha / Chocolate Drinks 

For more exciting food exploration, check my list from here


  1. my Chinese friend kalau datang KK, bolehlah saya suggest dorang try makan di restoran and cafe yg ada dlm senarai ni ...

  2. Yay finally I found food list in KK! I want to try pork-free chinese seafood restaurant. Can you recommend which one is the best?