Thursday, October 25, 2018

Lamma Island 南丫岛 : The Cruise to the Home of Chow Yun-Fat 周润发

Lamma Island 南丫岛

It was really nice to be back in Hong Kong for the second time. 

Along with my parents to enjoy the authentic insider Hongkongers with our relatives, we had quite a special one, especially with the cruise trip to Lamma Island. We also tasted the well known restaurant with delicious roasted piglets and goose as well.

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Back to my Lamma Island trip on the same day we arrived Hong Kong!

Before our cruise ride to Lamma Island, we had a delicious Dim Sum Buffet and ended with a bowl of bird's nest as dessert.

Eye of Hong Kong? 

A short ride from our restaurant, we reached the harbour nearest to Hong Kong Observation Wheel 香港摩天輪. It is a 60-metre tall Ferris wheel located at the Central Harbour front, Central. It has 42 gondolas including one VIP Gondola with leather seats and a clear glass bottom floor. All gondolas are equipped with air conditioners and communication systems.

I always love the see Ferris wheel at any parts of the world.

And that's our cruise on the left! Thanks to Charmaine who took us for the ride! I believe that it is a luck to be able to see Lamma Island personally. Frankly speaking, we always see and heard "Lamma Island" through Cantonese HK television.

The Junk.

Charmaine told us that the junk has not been operating for many years and with recent repair, it's working again. My mom does kept one model figure at home, that's why it does look familiar to me and the junk represent Hong Kong as well.

Breezy air while amused with Hong Kong harbour view behind.

I always appreciate the world and the time I had especially during a short visit to other countries. We see lives differently when we start travelling and experience another culture.

Getting nearer to Lamma Island!

When we saw the three "joss stick", it means that we are getting nearer to the island.

The harbour port of Lamma Island for public usage.

Lamma Island indeed still keeping the tradition and custom of old fishery ancestry. It was nice to get know more about Hong Kong with old scene at Lamma Island. Everything are just calm with slower pace.

Alongside, Lamma Island has a free-spirited, multicultural vibe and is home to hipsters and creative types. Indie boutiques, craft stores and mellow cafes line Yung Shue Wan Main Street. The island’s hiking trails take in the WWII-era Kamikaze Caves and have sweeping coastal views. Locals and day-trippers unwind on Hung Shing Yeh Beach, or head to Sok Kwu Wan fishing village and its casual seafood eateries.

We were surprised with the bicycle view here!

The Hongkongers came here for cheaper seafood and tourists came here for stay. We do see quite a number of American here for holiday.

Booking for a stay at Lamma Island is easy and many to choose!

Unlike Hong Kong, it is really a small town with home and business side by side.

We met retired European stay and running their small business at Lamma Island. 

And I bought some souvenirs from there too! Crafted wood as table decoration.

The famous eggies found at Lamma Island! And it's recommended!

Smell good and delicious to eat.

Wang Long Village

Where Chow Yun-Fat was born here. Well, I do not have the guts to run to his house!

We did not explore Lamma Island with vehicles, it's just by foot. Greetings from the beers seller  while walking by the small path is just random. Mom did a good shopping on teapots and souvenirs. While I look at the architecture of Lamma Island.

Well, it was nice to visit Lamma Island for a day, it's almost evening and we cruised back to the Hong Kong harbour for a nice dinner with our family.

True that I am looking forward to enjoy my trip to Taiwan this weekend while become the buyers for my customers! My little Daigou business would be much fun when we have considered customers!


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