Thursday, September 27, 2018


E-shopping also known as online shopping, an electronic way to shop.

I believe that you who are reading this post is an online shopper like me too!

Knowingly online shopping made the world seems smaller and it is no longer a "stranger" to us in Malaysia as well, and it is growing massively through out the year. No matter big or small, personal or company, every business want to operates online.

Perhaps from my clothing of the above image are mostly from online. My shorts, my boots and tops and some accessories, now I can have everything with my finger tips.

I love shopping from home and office, where I could spend my time browsing to search for my favourites at one glance and sometimes within hours because of varieties.

The best part is there are no hassle of driving through the jam and more over, we could purchase cheap and worthy items with promo codes available in store and online.

Eliminating the travelling duration, no fuel to drive, need not to get a Grab car, while we can seek for the best price of one product required, good and bad reviews are stated precisely. That's why I love online shopping so much!

Each time when a parcel arrived, is like unboxing a gift for myself. 

It's always nice to receive "gifts", it just made me happy.

In fact, my friends always praised those dresses that I wore and where do I purchase them? Few of my favourites brands would be classy dresses and work wear from Double-woot and fashionable attires from Zalora. Moreover, I got my own online store as well, known as KKBuy with products sourced online and every where else.

Dress by Double-woot
Limited Edition Necklace by Dearest Grace

Not only fashionable items are available through online shopping, the same goes to buying gadget online from phones, photography gadgets and more. Always go for the recommended websites for trusted seller while online shopping.

Recently, I saw more adverts on Shopee and it was quite impressive on their creative advertisement as well. And I did check on their website too, more varieties from supermarket items, high streets fashion and even Korean beauty products also available. During one casual meet up with my girl friends, I asked her about the pretty earring she put on and it's from Shopee as she replied.

One in every three person, is a user of Shopee. No wonder, it is one of the leading e-commerce markeplaces in Malaysia. Occasionally, I do check out Shopee for things that I need. One glance with varieties at cheap and worthy prices.

Did I say about Promo Code? 

Yea, there's Shopee promo code available from ShopCoupons for shopping at Shopee! Lower price to pay now.

Good to have a one stop coupon code website for us Malaysian. 

:) They say Sharing It's Caring. Have a great week.

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