Thursday, September 13, 2018

Explore Sabah - Tuaran : Tembara River Cruise for Fun and Nature Sight at Kg. Serusup

 Sabah : Kg. Serusup, Tuaran. 

 It was a sudden trip to visit Kg. Serusup for Tembara River Cruise. Spectacularly, the sunset view was amazing and with lesser crowd.

* Watch video below *


There were a few pick up points available for local and tourist to hop in without worrying about the transportation from KK City to the said destination.

Namely and pick up location in sequence
1)Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Resort, 2) Sutera Harbour Resort and 3) McDonald, Suria Sabah.

The whole journey took about 1 and 15 minutes from KK to Kg. Serusup.

Tembara Kasih Kitchen

Finally we arrived at Tembara River Cruise for cruise and other interesting activities.

We were being welcomed by the person in charge and local refreshment was being served. At the same time, briefing was done by the guide regards to Tembara River Cruise.

It was my first cycling after more than 15 years of not cycling. Thought that I would fell off the ground while cycling for such a long distance to the beach area.

Along the way, we enjoyed the local village scene with friendly smile along the way. The villages thought that we were tourists from other countries.

It was quite breezy, not warm when we were there, while the road was bumpy that we went through. But it's okay, preserving most of the natural environment is the key.

I was terrified to cycle across the bridge and friends taught me to slowly move the bicycle across the bridge to gather with them.

And we cycled back to the Tembara River Cruise.

It was really fun and we had fun as well. Many of them were laughing and recalled those days when they cycled to school.

That's the cruise that we will be cruising through the river for nature sight seeing and sunset.

I love photography and here also offers great outdoor photography location. For wedding, birding etc.

Other activities may include kayaking, camping are also available.

Tembara River Cruise located next to a fish farm. It was my first to get close to local fish farm.

We have the opportunity to learn the traditional way of crab catching. Tying fish meat to attract crabs.

We pulled the net to catch the size of the crab I caught, it was SMALL. (lol) But better then non and we released it back to the river later.

One side and somehow both side of the river is mangrove forest. If we are lucky, we are able to see Proboscis Monkey and other wildlife. Tembara River Cruise basically prioritized on the activities and nature green of Tuaran mangrove side.

The sunset.

Sunset are great and natural breath taking, that's why Sabah has the best sunset view and I felt honoured that we, Sabahan have one of the best nature in the world.

The best view of sunset slowing get dawn is around 6.00pm.

We went for fireflies and yes, we saw them. My phone wasn't compatible with the small lights as it wasn't the P20 Pro that they mentioned. Oh well.

We went back to Tembara Kasih Kitchen for our local delish dinner and back to KK at 8.45pm.

Sponsored and special thanks to :
Sensational Holidays (Borneo) Sdn. Bhd.

For more information, please contact :
088-386 691 (General Line)

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  1. Ohhh... i never been there before but seems like a nice place for a short getaway. P20 pro surely can take good pictures of the fireflies!