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LAOS : Guide to Vientiane (4 Days 3 Nights)

Vientiane, Laos

Laos, officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic, commonly referred to by its colloquial name of Muang Lao, is a communist state and the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia at the heart of the Indochinese peninsula, bordered by Myanmar (Burma) and China to the northwest, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the southwest, and Thailand to the west and southwest. - Wikipedia

After days of touristy destination visiting in Bangkok, the next country that we took our flight from Bangkok was Vientiane, Laos. The airlines that we took was by Air Asia with 1 hour 20 minutes flight from Bangkok (DMK) to Vientiane (VTE).

>>>>>> FIRST DAY <<<<<<


Check Out from Reno Hotel > Taxi to Dong Muang Airport
Flight by Air Asia airlines at 1205hrs to VTE Wattay International Airport (arrival 1325 hrs).

Arrived at Vientiane > Taxi to Green Park Boutique Hotel.
Check In Green Park Boutique Hotel > Rest
Evening : Free Shuttle Bus to City Centre > By foot to experience the local lifestyle and buildings.
Dinner at Lao Kitchen.

- Wattay International Airport - 

Vientiane international airport.

- Green Park Boutique Hotel - 

One of the luxury hotel in Vientiane. In fact, we always opt for a mix of cheaper rates and expensive rates room stay when we travel, especially with elder friends and my parents.

Travel suppose to be enjoying ourselves, and not by making ourselves miserable without the local scene and taste. Travel may or may not be expensive, but we only live once to experience most.

All of us were quite happy with Green Park Boutique Hotel. Cozy hotel design with open swimming pool outside our balcony.

- Lao Kip -

- Random Snap -

We had our rest and enjoyed the hotel facilities. It's time for us to have our dinner.

We took the free hotel shuttle bus at 5.00pm to the city centre. It's only eight minutes away! Had a walk along the street of Vientiane while slowly walk to the restaurant we planned to.

- Lao Kitchen - 

We had pure lao cuisine on the first day with recommendation from Trip Advisor. It's the best way to know the local favorites.

Vientiane is a quiet city and not crowded with vehicles, while easily accessible to most of the places.

They are similarities in food serving between Vietnam, Bangkok, Laos, which majority having vegetables, mint leaves and fried food.

- Lao Night Market - 

We always said that to know the culture of a country, go and visit their local stores and market! 

>>>>>> SECOND DAY <<<<<<

Morning :
- (By Foot) Wake up early to visit Simuang Temple > Returned to hotel for breakfast.
- Free Shuttle Bus to city centre. Took local Tuk Tuk (cab service) to Great Sacred Stupa (Pha That Luang).
- City tour 
Lunch at Cafe Benoni > Return to Hotel for rest.
Dinner at Tyson Kitchen.

- Simuang Temple - 

Wake up at 5.00am and get ready to visit the temple nearby. Buddhist country such as Laos could easily see monks. It was my first time seeing others offering to monks. 

It's a blessing to give monks offerings. Well, we were too early when we were at the temple, the monks just woke up and get ready. 

We waited for quite a while and at 7.00am, they are ready to go the city to accept offerings.

We returned to the hotel for our breakfast and waited for others to visit Great Sacred Stupa.

The local handmade goods.

We hired a tuk tuk for the whole day and luckily the driver was kind to drive us here and there, just like a local city tour. Oh boy, the young man was really kind and should I say as pure as a blank paper.

We were lucky to have Mr. Lee together with us while fluently speaks Thai, a mutual understanding of Thai language made us easier to communicate with the driver. 

Yes, majority Lao understood Thai language.

He was our Tuk Tuk driver who we chartered him for driving us around Vientiane.

Basically, we suggested to him earlier that we pay extra for his service, negotiated a while and there we go. He tried his best to explain and bring us to where we requested.

- Great Sacred Stupa (Pha That Luang) -

Certainly having a hot weather at Vientiane.

- Laos Morning Market - 

Another visiting to morning market.

Lao sticky rice. 

Their traditional delicacy.

We had our lunch at Cafe Benoni before returning to the hotel. 

A western italian and dessert cafe which one of the recommended place for European tourists.

- Tyson Kitchen - 

Returned to the hotel and back to the city again. Walked with the GPS direction guide and here we went for pizza dinner!

Blending with the local Lao taste, Tyson's pizza was special with hint of local and Italian western.

>>>>>> THIRD DAY <<<<<<

Morning : To Cope Visitor Centre by foot. Check out from Green Park Hotel.
Mid Afternoon : Check In City Inn Hotel
Lunch at Pho Zap
Dinner at Kualao Restaurant
Night walk at food market.

COPE Visitor Centre

Located opposite of our hotel. We went there by foot.

The centre showcases various artifacts, from mines and bombs, to pictures and stories of how people were injured or killed by the terrible weapons. There were also a video room whereby we watched the documentaries of these weapons that affected the lives of innocents people.

We had a walk nearby Cope Visitor Centre as well, and my parents did bought some fruits to share among us.

It's time to check out and we moved to the city centre.

- Second Hotel : City Inn Vientiane -

Certainly we had a good stay at City Inn Vientiane as well.

We had our lunch at Pho Zap (since 1958), which located near to our hotel.

Pho Zap is also one of the trip advisor recommendation. Serving Beef noodle with the local way, and similar to Vietnamese Pho as well.

- Swensens -

We never refuse ice cream! Three of us went for a short walk and treat ourselves with Swensens' Dessert.

- Sweet Moo - 

It's a random cafe that we go for a drink. The environment of this cafe was cozy, not a large cafe. 

Most customers were there for desserts and chit chat.

- Kualao Restaurant -
Our dinner were expensive at Kualao Restaurant. A local high class restaurant that won a few prizes from the local government. We had a authentic Lao dish with traditional performance by the restaurant.

That's how we spent our last day in Vientiane.

Great show, good trip and enjoyable people!

Fourth Day : Prepared ourselves for flight on that morning.

Vientiane > Kuala Lumpur > Kota Kinabalu


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