Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Thailand - Bangkok : The Chinese Route of Chinatown

Thailand : Chinatown, Bangkok

We heard that Thai speaks Chinese. Yes, it is.
We heard that the seafood at Chinatown is a must have as well.

Like I said before, our recent trip to Bangkok was more to touristy landmarks, I love Chinatown in fact. Loving all the culture and especially near to heart. ;)

That evening while my tummy was upset and because of few sip of bottled jasmine tea that thought of cutting down those heavy oily feeling after having good food for days.

Fortunately, my tummy and gastric manage to be a friendly through that night.

Chinatown in Bangkok was crowded and it get even packed when it is late.

Char Kuey Teow? 

No. It's not Char Kuey Teow. The uncle was frying local delish - Phat Thai. Similar to our CKT, just different taste and ingredients. We felt in love and always had Phat Thai when we visit Thailand.

The uncle wasn't friendly, he chased me away and don't allow me to take photos/ video of him!


Could not agree more that Bangkok is quite safe. Even my cousin who work there felt the same way and she prefer Bangkok more than Malaysia. 

Chinatown by the evening.

Chinatown when it's getting dark.

Yeap. Seafood!

In fact, Thailand are well known with varieties of delicious local delicacies. 

The red entrance is where various stalls and seats where we could have our meal and even Durians!

Chinatown is a lovely place by the night and my friend also told me that shopping at Chinatown during the day are cheap too! Sad that we did not manage to visit Chinatown during day time! 

Well, there's always little disappointment that made us re-visit a place in the future. :)

Goodbye Chinatown!


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