Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Sabah : A Prayer visit to Mitraville Meditation Centre, Mesilau

Sabah : Mesilau 

It's a place where believers are there for missionary purpose. However, I could say that people are smart that from one words to another, Mitraville was found and visitors are there for visiting.

 I was there before Mitraville was known by more. Somehow I kept this place in my album for years. I pray for peace and I pray for good wealth and relationship.

Mitraville located at Mesilau and steep road towards the top. I was lucky that my aunt willing to bring us for a visit and prayers.

It was also well known as a place for meditation and calm mind. Yes, indeed. It's really a good place to be away from problems for days just to clear the mind.

I still remember that I was there when I just started my online business, I pray for positive energy and good customers while business as well. In fact, it really works. :) 

I trust that when we have good deeds, it attracts good energy and people that guide us along the way.

Recently I am not being well, sorry if I am missing in action.


  1. I never been to Mesilau before. I'll definitely drop by to visit the Mitraville and of course to snap some pics! :D

    1. Yes yes! You should! The site is really amazing and calm. Love the place. :)