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KK Eats : Fresh Seafood "Prosperity Sauna Pot" found in Kota Kinabalu 兴旺沙煲王

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah : KK Golden Claypot Seafood Restaurant
Serving : Non Halal (Pork) 

"Prosperity Sauna Pot"

We always being told to be a health conscious person. Having steam meal would be appropriate I may say.

It was my first having our dinner here at KK Golden Claypot 兴旺沙煲王, surprisingly they serve delicious, somehow creative and fresh seafood, while additional with daily serving pork dishes and on high demand as well.

“蒸蒸日上” "Prosperity Sauna Pot" is a steaming concept where we could have our fresh seafood being steamed infront of us and being served immediately. There will be an assistant that assist us beside our dining table.

Stew Pork with Yam 扣肉,Thai Style Pork Leg 泰式猪手 & 蒸鲜虾。

Both of the braised pork was lovely and melted at the first bite. I would recommend this to my friends who would love to dine here. Gravy was delightful and chili sauce was good too! The sauce soaked with both meat was nicely done and everyone loves it.

Prawns that are huge and fresh would be our favourite, right?

东风螺 Tong Feng Lo. It's a type of clam which many loves it!

家乡蒸鱼 Steam Fish

The fermented vegetables 咸菜 taste sour, therefore, the steam fish was taste like home recipe! 

If fact, the bone was being taken off before steaming.

Crabs 螃蟹

The shell of the crabs was soft and it is easily ate by us. No complains, just ease our finger.

Thai style pork leg 泰式猪手

The dish is one of the restaurant specialty and only available here in Kota Kinabalu. Soft braised meat. Delicious.

- Dim Sum Tofu -

Interesting combination with Japanese Tofu that I love. Light and freshen up our taste after having heavy tasted dishes.

- Mushroom and Tomato -

A hotpot favorite as well. The ladies loves how the restaurant prepared the varieties and all of us could taste and satisfied with all the dishes being served.

It came to an end with seafood porridge underneath the steamer pot. Interesting.

True that Steaming Concept is not the first in town. Fortunately, the price is worth and could I mention cheap? It shall be a place for both pork eater and seafood lovers!

Guess what? The meal we had is cost RM400.00 Only!! 

 And it is also available as Father's Day Special Package (8 - 10 pax)!

Facebook :

For reservation, please contact :
+6012 878 2983 (Ms. Lee - Whatsapp)

Operation Hour : 12.00pm - 10.30pm

Lot 17, Jalan Haji Saman, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu,
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

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