Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sabah Fest 2018 : "Solungkoi" (A Tale of Jambatan Tamparuli)

Sabah : The Land Below The Wind

It is May again and it's a month of Harvest Festival Celebration!

Sabah Fest organised by local Sabah Tourism Board and relevant parties caught a lot of attention yearly since the first event held many years ago. 

This year is related to "Jambatan Tamparuli", that's made me interested to attend the event. I was brought up with the song "Jambatan Tamparuli", my dad is a native and love to listen to music and karaoke, while my mom having an entertainment business during my childhood. Local songs were played while we were at my mom shop back then. In the other hand, I was the co-host for Foodie Blogger by NTV 7 and once of the scene was shot at Tamparuli too!

I love culture and I always do, maybe it's because I'm having the native bloods runs in me. Yes, I am Sino. :)

The above video is the Jambatan Tamparuli song played. If you would like to have the lyrics and the real music, do drop me and email at! I will send you the link and lyric.

The following are some of the scenes that I have shared here and such I have experienced that night. 

What is "Solungkoi"? You may ask. 

It's a name of a young lady who were in love with a foreigner way back during those days when Sabah was under the British Colony. The performance and story line was okay, more to the love story of both. 

The story was based on true story from such I have being understood. The name was crafted by the foreigner under the bridge after "Solungkoi" was being sacrificed and can be seen today. As for the foreigner, no one knows where he went since his lover was sacrificed.

Interesting, yet beautiful performance by the local artist this year. Looking forward for next year Sabah Fest. :)

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  1. Wow... tale of jambatan tamparuli! I would like to attend it! :D

    1. Yea! As a Sabahan, we should know some of the history too!