Western, Beer or Shisha? It's always "Up2U" on What You Love!

Kota Kinabalu Eats : Damai

Do you recall on the cafe that located at our neighborhood for ten years since 2008?

 That's UP2U Cafe! 

Maintaining the taste for years and now with more varieties, in addition with beers and shisha after a good dinner.

A night with good meal with friends! Without explaining much, we had so many food that night as follow.

- Chilli Dog and Cheesy Dog -

- Spaghetti -

- Beverages -

- Chicken Wing -

- Chicken Chop -

- Big Kahuna Burger -

In fact, Up2U Cafe would be a place for the youngster to chill and dine in. Worth for the price with portion that satisfying.

Thanks to Charlotte for inviting us to your cafe!

Facebook : Up2U Cafe
Location : Damai


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  1. Yum yum! I want the big kahuna burger! Can I have all? HAHAHA