Friday, April 20, 2018

Speaks on How to become a Blogger & Vlogger?

How to be a BLOGGER? 

How to be a VLOGGER?

Many were asking how to be one, and especially to be a good one.

It was happened on 4th April, 2018 that I was invited to be a speaker at Film Camp 2018 April Edition.

It was my first becoming a speaker for sharing about Lifestyle Blogger and Vlogger. I was nervous and getting calmer after speaking for a short while.

The respond from the floor was good, interesting sharing conversation with friends, bloggers and even Youtubers!


How to be a Blogger or a Vlogger?

To be either one, we need to have a platform, free or not free. 

A Blogger need a blog. A Vlogger (Video + Blog) need a Youtube account or did a short clip of any daily stories and upload it at any social media platform!

Anyone can start a blog, it's the passion that we are looking at and it's free language to write online! I started blogging since 2006. :)  

Blog and Vlog, as easy as it seen. ;) And I have both!

My blog would be here that you are reading now. MEITZEU.COM

and VLOG would be my Travel Channel at Youtube is MEITZEU

So and so, to be successful, we might need to work on the topics that we include in both.

Here are some of the photos taken by my friend, Charlotte Fong, My Insta Hubby and Film Camp crew.

"Blog with passion, not because of the income that we may generate from blogging/ vlogging."

I always told myself and social media friends that don't do it because of the cash you might receive. If the priority is the money received, our followers will leave us and not going through our journey in writing. :)

I am glad that blog has lead me to be knowledgeable in some sense. 

Always remind ourselves the first thoughts when we started. Why we started this.

To new bloggers, Happy writing and good luck to you! 


  1. I want to be a vlogger like meitzeu too! So inspiring! :D

  2. Keep writing. Been following you for quite sometime now :)

    1. Hi Dewi :)
      It is really nice to see another Sabahan blogger!

      Do catch up other bloggers to at the group I created!!