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Friday, April 27, 2018

AVIIMO - It's All about Smart Home & Trends Ideas (Suria Sabah Shopping Mall)

VLOG - Available in this entry.

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah : Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

" Destination for smart home and lifestyle ideas, featuring latest trends, each driven to improve your life without compromising quality and value. "

It's the caption that defines AVIIMO in an excellent way. AVIIMO basically a home and living concept store which also first in Kota Kinabalu. From an online store, it is now even greater with an actual retail store for creative gifts and home and living items. Located at downtown Kota Kinabalu, we are easily reachable to the shopping mall.


Many love to shop at the store while it feels cozy and it does looks as if it is a home for all.

The first thing that I thought of during my first visit was, I like the store where most items that I felt convenient and convenient for me. It is definitely a place for me to search for gifts as well. Most of the smart home and lifestyle ideas products are available at the store.

We just don't have to browse through thousand of pages online just to look for cheaper price and even worst if we purchased low quality goodies. At AVIIMO, we do not need to worry about quality, they take into account all the factors from pricing, products and effects. Every items are wisely selected worldwide.

- Easy Harvest -

- Easy Harvest -

Buying a small plant made easy when they can be purchased while shopping at mall.

- Bamboo Fiber Containers -

Various kitchenware are seen at AVIIMO. While green and organic kitchenware are created out of safe, non-toxic sustainable and recycled materials manufactured with respect for our health and the planet where we are.

With bamboo fiber containers, it is good for the environment while supporting "No Plastic" and reusable item with colourful designed containers for our kitchen.

- Anti Fall Tumbler -

We watched online on the anti-fall tumbler, and it was one of the product that favourable by most. Almost all surface can be "stick" on to with one of two exceptional surface type.


AVIIMO selectively having local brands in store, such as Changgih, Chocolate Bah, Native and Bymielacarmiela which we can either purchase online or at local art events. 

Having all of these amazing local brands at AVIIMO, now we can feel it, touch it and even sniff on it. We do not have to worry about the products quality that we are going to purchase!


Zodiac Diffuser. Breath is a brand where it's creative, cute and even with scent that we can bring along outdoor. 12 zodiac diffuser that we can choose according to ours.

- Power Bank -

With worthy price, I could purchase a few power banks and changed them every day. (lol) More over, it still looks good as a home decoration too!

- PSK -

AVIIMO as the authorised dealer in Kota Kinabalu for PSK. I was being told that the beauty series are one of the recommended and well known in West Malaysia as well.

- Premium Lace Eyelashes -

I was looking at the beauty zone and I found this!



- Figure Luggage Tags -

- Luggage Cover -

- Bymielacarmiela -

- JoyRoom -


Smart Home and Lifestyle Trending Items. All in one store. Even better, when AVIIMO having own team where source all items by themselves. They are the purchaser and also the users just like us.

What's new for home?
 Everything in AVIIMO suits for our home in a convenient way. Have a look and shop till you drop!  :)

Website : AVIIMO
Facebook : AVIIMO
Location :
Second Floor, Next to Sony and opposite of SenQ.

Contact No. :
+6 088 201 766

Friday, April 20, 2018

Speaks on How to become a Blogger & Vlogger?

How to be a BLOGGER? 

How to be a VLOGGER?

Many were asking how to be one, and especially to be a good one.

It was happened on 4th April, 2018 that I was invited to be a speaker at Film Camp 2018 April Edition.

It was my first becoming a speaker for sharing about Lifestyle Blogger and Vlogger. I was nervous and getting calmer after speaking for a short while.

The respond from the floor was good, interesting sharing conversation with friends, bloggers and even Youtubers!


How to be a Blogger or a Vlogger?

To be either one, we need to have a platform, free or not free. 

A Blogger need a blog. A Vlogger (Video + Blog) need a Youtube account or did a short clip of any daily stories and upload it at any social media platform!

Anyone can start a blog, it's the passion that we are looking at and it's free language to write online! I started blogging since 2006. :)  

Blog and Vlog, as easy as it seen. ;) And I have both!

My blog would be here that you are reading now. MEITZEU.COM

and VLOG would be my Travel Channel at Youtube is MEITZEU

So and so, to be successful, we might need to work on the topics that we include in both.

Here are some of the photos taken by my friend, Charlotte Fong, My Insta Hubby and Film Camp crew.

"Blog with passion, not because of the income that we may generate from blogging/ vlogging."

I always told myself and social media friends that don't do it because of the cash you might receive. If the priority is the money received, our followers will leave us and not going through our journey in writing. :)

I am glad that blog has lead me to be knowledgeable in some sense. 

Always remind ourselves the first thoughts when we started. Why we started this.

To new bloggers, Happy writing and good luck to you! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sabah Must Eat @ Yu Kee Ba Kut Teh (佑记肉骨茶)

Kota Kinabalu Eats : Gaya Street

The travelers always recommend that Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh is one of the must eat spot when friends and family came to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Located at one of the exclusive place in KK City while convenient for tourist to have an experience of our lovely city of nature resort.

What is Bak Kut Teh? BKT in short, which having pork and organs simmered for hours in soup of herbs and spices (such as star anise, cinnamon, cloves, dang gui and garlic). 

Is a type of Chinese food that the labour from the olden days at the port to energise their energy and maintain their health to work harder. The explanation that I mentioned here is stated by one of the BKT restaurant at Port Klang when I was there months ago. ;)

Even my uncle and auntie from Canada always came here for this local taste of BKT. They felt that returning to KK will not be complete without Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh.

For me, I am the local here, and yes, once in a while i will be here for bowls of varieties and recommend to my friends from other places too. Remember be there early to taste the authentic taste of savoury Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh!

Location :
It's opposite The Jesselton Hotel.
74, Jalan Gaya, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Western, Beer or Shisha? It's always "Up2U" on What You Love!

Kota Kinabalu Eats : Damai

Do you recall on the cafe that located at our neighborhood for ten years since 2008?

 That's UP2U Cafe! 

Maintaining the taste for years and now with more varieties, in addition with beers and shisha after a good dinner.

A night with good meal with friends! Without explaining much, we had so many food that night as follow.

- Chilli Dog and Cheesy Dog -

- Spaghetti -

- Beverages -

- Chicken Wing -

- Chicken Chop -

- Big Kahuna Burger -

In fact, Up2U Cafe would be a place for the youngster to chill and dine in. Worth for the price with portion that satisfying.

Thanks to Charlotte for inviting us to your cafe!

Facebook : Up2U Cafe
Location : Damai

Monday, April 2, 2018

Thailand - Bangkok : Magnificent Grand Palace of Thai

Bangkok, Thailand :The Grand Palace

Built in 1782 and a home of 150 years for Thai-King, the Royal court and administrative seat of government.

I love true story that marked the value of life. Before we went for a free and easy trip in Bangkok, visiting The Grand Palace was one of my must visit list.

Our cab left us behind The Grand Palace and we walked slowly to the front gate while waited for the gate to open for public.

You can't imagine the crowd, from students to foreigners/ tourists, especially China people. I wonder do they admire the architecture like I do every where in the world. I do love architectural work that inspire me to explore the world in so many ways.

- Royal Reception Hall -

We need to wear decently to respect the tradition and buddha.

Ever wonder the how Emerald Buddha (Phra Kaew Morakot) looks? 

Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of Emerald Buddha) is regarded as the most important temple in Thailand, which located within The Grand Palace that keeps the Buddha that carved from a single block of jade. 

Every architecture and arts that we saw during the visit, just pure craftsmanship. Amazing.

I never regret to make the decision to visit The Grand Palace. Highly recommended if you happen to visit Bangkok someday!

Opening Hour :
8.30am - 3.30pm

Location :
Na Phra Lan Road, Old City (Rattanakosin)

Price Range :
500 baht. One ticket include Vimanmek Palance and Abhisek Dusik Throne Hall.