Saturday, March 10, 2018

KK Food : Sabah Chilli Pan Mee 沙巴辣椒板面 @ Lintas

Kota Kinabalu Eats

In fact, Sabah Chilli Pan Mee is not a new restaurant from the block. It was quite a successful restaurant that somehow maintained their quality and makes me return for their signature dish once in a while.

There's quite a number of negative comments when they just started their business, as for now, with lots of  improvements, they are running well and opened a new branch at Gaya Street too.

 - Signature Pan Mee -

Handmade Pan Mee, Minced Pork, Anchovies, Half boiled egg, special ingredients and homemade dried chilli to be added with our preference.

The image above was taken months ago, when I first visited their restaurant while they are still new. The egg was 80% boiled, which less with its runny egg yolk. However, it used to be that, but not recent. They have improved in many site.

- How to eat? -

Mix all the ingredient and that's their signature Pan Mee. ;)

Price : $


  1. Unfortunately it's non halal 😔 can't try. Heard lotsa good review about this.

  2. Wooo... this lat chiu pan mee looks legit. I never tried this kind before in KK so when I had it in KL, I was so sakai and in love with it. Hahahaha

    1. hahaha!
      The Original one is from KL la.!

      I havent got the chance to have it in KL!