Saturday, January 13, 2018

KKCity : The Nyonya Taste at Grinders Cafe

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Happy New Year to You! You! and You! All of You!

We managed to visit Grinders Cafe on the first week of 2018. The week when we were just return from our Ipoh trip. Yeah~ Twice Ipoh Trip in a year!

- The Entrance to Grinders Cafe -

Grinders Cafe can be easily located at KK City, especially when we are driving along the main street of Kota Kinabalu from down town to Sembulan. The cafe is facing opposite to Segama, same block as Winner Hotel.

-By the window -

I always admire the seats by the window. It's like a quiet space, maybe reading or for a cuppa.

- Instant White Coffee -

In fact, Alvin, the cafe owner is a Peranakan (Baba Nyonya to be exact) from Malacca (Melaka). Therefore, it's not unusual to see products from Malacca at the cafe.

Mentioning about Grinders' instant coffee they have, its all the way from Malacca we can taste the famous "Lao Qian 老钱" White Coffee here.

How did I know about the brand earlier? It's because I was make known during our trip at Ipoh. Brother told us that Lao Qian White Coffee taste good and recommended! Since we were there, we bought a few packets for home.

- Spaghetti Pomodora E Basilico accompanied with Asam-asam Manis -
Besides tomato sauce (red sauce), Grinders Cafe do serve Carbonara (White Sauce) as well.

Each dish served was special designed by the chef. Taste different from the usual we had, they added herbs and overall pasta taste fine.

- Meatball -

Beef/ Chicken meatball with home made mashed potatoes, black pepper sauce and berry sauce in actual.

Meatball was specially sourced from Sabah native.

- Batik Cake -

Home made Batik Cake. Specially prepared by Alvin, recipe from his mother. It was not extra soggy and not too sweet either. 

It's served daily with limited quantity. With pure coco powder (not mixed) is one of the main ingredient of Grinders In House Batik Cake.

- Toasted Bread with Home made Kaya -

For those who know how to make "Kaya", it is not an easy task. Special home made Kaya is also one of the recommended at Grinders.

- Nasi Lemak Special -

Blue rice Nasi lemak Special is a hot seller, they only serve limited quantity daily. The special Sambal sauce would be the one that we should have high expectation, especially Alvin told us that's the Baba Nyonya taste.

- Our late lunch -

- Homemade Gelato -

- Local favourites -

- Bird Nest Beverage -

- Borneo Bird Nest -

Grinders Cafe also offer local favourites to locals and tourists. The Bird Nest products price will be range from RM55.00 to RM480.00.

Alvin is one of the perfectionist that I came across while meeting cafe owners in person. He will not include any products that never try and tasted before.

- The walkway -

Grinders Cafe shall be one of the convenient cafe that tourists could simply walk in for a cup of coffee or a simple lunch. 

Price vice? Similar and reasonably priced. Coffee/ Beverages would be ranged from RM4.00, Tea RM8.00. Food is ranged from RM2.00 (Kaya Bun and Red Bean Bun), Nasi Lemak (RM5.00) to RM12.00 (Home made Mushroom Soup).

Here's a short clip of Grinders Cafe by SabahiWalker.

Facebook :
Grinders Cafe

Location :
Ground Floor Lot 13B, Jalan Pasar Baru, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Contact :
088 211 766


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