Friday, November 17, 2017 : The First in Borneo, but what is it? And how do it works?

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo.

Now that we know Borneo Shopping website is in the market for the convenience of us within 24 hours. 

- On Saturday, Double 11, 2017 -

- Entrance to Borneo Shopping Launch Day - is to be the first and biggest E-marketplace in Sabah and is owned and operated by AppAsia Pay Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of AppAsia Bhd, a public listed company in Bursa Malaysia ACE Market. 
Borneo Shopping is not only Sabah, but also Sarawak and Brunei are in the list too! It is an e-marketplace for the East Malaysia and Brunei, for both seller and buyers where the locals also having the opportunities to be seen in a larger frame.

- During official launching ceremony -

- During official launching ceremony -

- During official launching ceremony -

- During official launching ceremony -
The memorable launching is for the official announcement of and the below is a sneak peek on the website that is convenient to us Sabahan especially (for the time being) and covering more in the future.

How to Use?
Just like other online store, placing one item is easy as ABC. In fact, the shopping guide can be learnt here.

Beside becoming a buyer, we could even be a seller too! Just register or inquire for more information on how to become a seller.

- Placing motor online? -

Even motor cycle can be bought online at Borneo Shopping! How cool is that!

- Groceries -

- Personal Care -

- Luxury Lifestyle -

- Virtual Reality -

In cyber era is not more a traditional business environment. We can online purchase a travel package, placing motor vehicles, purchase dinner vouchers and even groceries. is a website that exclusively for Borneo. Stay tuned for more. 

Website :

Facebook :
Borneo Shopping


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