Sunday, October 8, 2017

KK Eats : Yuan Taste Taiwan Traditional Cake 圆 古早鸡蛋糕 at Lintas Plaza

KK Eats : Lintas Plaza

When Traditional Cake were sprouting like mushroom here and there within Malaysia, us here in Kota Kinabalu itself having the same condition as well.

Well, they often comparing which one is nicer and every person taste buds are different and liking different bakery.

- Yuan Taste -

When I first saw the symbol, it does caught my eye and it represent "ROUND" in Chinese, pronounced as "Yuan".

I was lucky to try their cake on the same night during their opening day, our friend called us for a cuppa while bringing us the original flavour to taste it too. :) Unexpected, I love this one and planned to taste them when I had the chance.

- Take Away Packing -

Quality packing and it will not be soggy after the hot cake was placed inside the box.

- Chicken Floss -

Being one of Yuan's Best Seller! 

Basically, I am not a Chicken Floss liking person, because it is too dry for my throat. For me, it is quite special whereby, seldom we could taste a cake with chicken floss and moreover, Yuan generously add on the Chicken Floss that covered the top of the cake.

Mixture of seaweeds, sesame and chicken floss. It's smells good on top of the traditional cake.

- Traditional Cake : Chicken Floss -

 You thought that the chicken floss might be only spread as a topping, I kid you not! There's two layers of chicken floss inside the cake!

 - Traditional Cake : Cheese Flavour -

Salted cheesy taste, while melted when they cut the cake. A favourite by cheese lovers!

 - Traditional Cake : Original -

Although it is a plain traditional cake, but when we had it, it was fluffy and the cake still remain the same even though we placed on the kitchen nearly 24 hours. We knew that the cake was generously prepared and quality controlled.

- Traditional Cake : Chocolate -

Surprisingly I love their chocolate flavour, smelling delicious and taste yummy!

Chocolate traditional cake was moist, not dried and taste the same during my breakfast on the next morning. I was laughing when I open up the box and half of the cake was finished by my dad and sisters, guess they are liking it too!

- Traditional Cake : Chocolate flavour -

I may say that Yuan are doing well for keeping their quality even though they are packed with orders. I was lucky to see all four flavour when I was there!

Mentioning about the four flavour, four of them taste good and spongy cake they were! Yet not too sweet! *Yay!*

- Yuan Taste -

Such a friendly helpers they are!

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Yuan Taste Taiwan Traditional Cake

Location :
same row as Brass Monkey and 99 Speedmart, Lintas Plaza.

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+60 12-411 5534


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