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Sabah : Diving is now for Everyone! (Diving at Mamutik Island 玛慕迪岛)

Sabah : Mamutik Island

Non experience divers? Not a problem anymore!

It was a fine Sunday morning when we went to the island as planned. Even though it's raining season, the weather was good and rain poured the moment when we were back in KK, on the same day when KK was flooded after hours of heavy rain.

- Video of the day -

The truth is we were delighted to experience the trial dive and a media day trip to the new premises "Borneo Divers Dive Academy". Though it named as Academy, however, Borneo Divers Academy also incorporating fun and leisure island trip with a variety of water sports to both local and international tourists.

- STAR Marina Jetty -

After registering ourselves at Borneo Divers' reception at STAR Marina Jetty, it's time for us to depart from KK to Mamutik Island. 

Mamutik Island is one of the first diving school in Sabah where diving lesson can be registered!

- Six of Us -

There were six of us went to the island and most of us knew each other, we had a lot of fun together as well!

Such a coincidence that I was watching a rescuing sea creatures clip months ago, it does made me had a thought of trying underwater diving someday, and months later? An invitation from Borneo Divers. It's really some luck I have!

- Borneo Divers Dive Academy at Mamutik Island -

Restaurants that could accommodate up to 500 diners, diving school, hostel (soon), management office and more.

- Restaurant -

There were many tourist from China and Korea when we were there, luckily they were able to queue in sequence when we were having our buffet.

- The Previous Borneo Divers School -

It's only a hut back then. Now with a proper building that is well planned. 

From the information we were made known, soon the island will be having hostel facility which ca accommodate with 80 pax for overnight stay for both diving students and guests. In fact, overnight at the island were quite expensive at other islands nearby here in Sabah. In addition, Borneo Divers also accept outdoor wedding if there's guests that planning to.

- From Borneo Divers site -

Borneo Divers had put in a lot of effort to beautify and uplift Mamutik Island. I love to be at the island, but I don't really love to be dark.

- Changing Room -

We were being guided to go their changing room to choose all the necessary item before diving.

- Outdoor -

Done with selecting our preference on size of diving suit and flips.

- Briefing -

Although there will be Master Divers along with us, guiding and holding us along the way from beach to the sea, there will also a short briefing explaining a few sign language of divers and learn a few skill such as removing the water which leak into the photon etc.

All of us without diving experience were completely excited to be able to have a trial dive session. Pricing at RM280.00 (December 2017).

That's Joe, a friendly and knowledgeable Dive Master who guide me during the trial dive session.

- Testing -

I was nervous when I were at the beach trying to suit myself with the equipment and sea water. Breathing is the weird part while in fact, we need go breath normally. 

- Trial Dive -

Charlotte was my dive buddy, but she was worried after diving for a while and return to the island later.

Fortunately, Joe tried his best to  comfort and convince me to dive further. Yes, I did. I did saw a few types of fish but when I tried to go further, my ears hurt. Why it hurt? It's because of the water pressure. *Sigh... No more diving further when my ears hurt. In such condition, it's because I am not used to be underwater, the symptoms is similar to air pressure during flight.

Anyway, I think we can go for a second trial on the same day as well. In fact, trial diving is an activity that we should not be missed!

Our underwater sight.

After having a short rest, we went for another activity! Kayaking on a transparent kayak!

Another photo session for three of us. :) 

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