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Guide to Thailand : Bangkok (V.2) - 5 Days 4 Nights 泰国 - 曼谷

Thailand - Bangkok

It was before Thai King left His citizen to a better place. 

The second trip to Bangkok was mainly for Laos which we were heading later on.

From KK - KL - BKK, it took us hours to fly from one city to another. By the time we reached Bangkok, it was night time and it's time for dinner!

In this write up, I will be conclude places and such that we need to take note! It's a guide anyway. :)

- Day 1 -

1) Terminal 21

A shopping mall which having airport and the places concept. Interesting and amazed with the design! One of the recommended place to shop too!

2) Dinner at Fuji Japanese Restaurant.

It was quit late when we finished our dinner, we went back to our hotel and planned for the next day!

- Day 2 -

3) View from Amari Boulevard Hotel (Sukhumvit)

Good morning and it was the day when we could start our shopping and sight seeing!

It is a four star hotel, however, the are are quite complicated and we could see quite a number of prostitution at that area as well. The area will be a crowd during the night where many will be there, particularly the Arabs love to stay at Sukhumvit area. In fact, this area also well known for its Indian cuisine. The best is found there!

- 4) Massage -

Since it was early, three of us, dad, Mr. Hubs and me went for a foot massage behind the alley after we had a short walk. Thai always having one of the best skill in the world!!

- The Alley -

It's a night clubs area with all the tourist and well, you know. :) Morning will be a dead place to be there.

5) EM  Quatier Shopping Mall (Phrom Phong BTS Station)

Visited 3 blocks of building - Helix Quartier, Glass Quartier and Waterfall Quartier.
I do admire and amazed with the architecture in Bangkok.

- Helix Quartier -

The highlighted design of Helix Quartier are the garden inside the building, from the top to the bottom with scheduled time to water the plants. Besides, did you see the walkway that is unusual where it seems oblique. Yes, it is oblique! We can either just walk forward to go to the lower ground and vice versa.

6) Food Bazaar

We were lucky when we were able to see varieties of local eateries at the food bazaar held when we were on our way to visit Four Face Buddha for praying and Cruise Dinner later.

- Thai Pineapple -

That's a mini pineapple there! Back to Malaysia, we saw there's netizen who were selling mini pineapple and talk about price? It's EXPENSIVE! Well, when demand is high, supply will b expensive. That's the norms.

7) Four Faced Buddha
It was my second visit here. To go there for praying and wisdom protection. Hired four dancers as an offer to Buddha for blesses.

8) Chao Phraya Princess

My mom was unwell when we went for cruise dinner. Arrived at River City and waited for the night cruise. Mr. Lee suggested us for a good dinner and that were our relaxing dinner that night! Good food and music while enjoying Chao Phraya River scene.

- View from River City -

Definitely better than China cruise we went. 

- The Dishes -

Part of what we had that night.

- Day 3 -

We went for local Thai bus ride to Flower Market with Mr Lee early morning at 6.00 am. Ticket price was like cents! Clean bus and that's the local Thai lifestyle.

- Flower Market -

They say that Flower Market changed a lot, less flower could be seen at public streets, the local authority has decided it for local city planning. That's really sad when we knew it. We went to the market between those building to have a look of local lifestyle. 

Like always, it's the way to learn to lifestyle. What they eat, what they sell etc.

9) Flower Market

Old building can be seen clearly here. Monks can be seen early morning to accept offering from the locals.

10) Bangkok Shopping Heaven

We went for shopping spree at Platunam area and from one mall to another, walked so far and we were down with Tuk Tuk later! We moved to 11) Reno Hotel on the same day.

We went back to the hotel and went to Khao San Road as planned.

12) Khao San Road (Backpackers Street)

It's a night life area. Many tourists, especially American loves it. Music were loud, food were weird, and I saw fried SCORPIONS!! That's the first time I saw the real small scorpion prepared to be eaten. That's Thai authentic perception that we saw from TV!

13) Shosana Thai Restaurant

It was a recommended Thai Restaurant near Khao San Road. While it was raining heavily out there, we went for dinner only. And dinner was really good! I love their Mango Sticky Rice, unlike the one I had at other market. Sticky rice was smelled strong.

- Day 4 -

14) Grand Palace

I am glad we were able to visit the Grand Palace, a huge palace with own temple, school and more.

15) Chinatown

Post : Chinese Route of Chinatown

From one country to another, there's China Town every where. We went here for seafood dinner and it's really crowded.

 Time for New Shoe!

Accompanied me for the past years, bringing it along with me to many places :) Such a comfortable shoes that sponsored by Adidas NEO. Goodbye for now.

The above places in Bangkok are more localised, visited most of the recommended places in recent two trips concluded my trip to Bangkok. I believe there's more that we could explore especially cafes in Bangkok are recommended as well! 

Well, Bangkok is a good place for shopping. :) Boy, this write up reminds me of my memory for Grand Palace. Beautiful wonders. :)

 Completed Bangkok (V.2) and next! Guide to Laos - Vientiane !

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