Sunday, July 9, 2017

Vietnam : Tam Coc 越南: 陆龙湾

Hanoi, Vietnam.

With the Chinese culture around the world, we did visited the temple in Vietnam as well. As it was part of the tour, we took a walk while did a short caving as well. 

We managed to see the temple which located inside the cave, a special access to the prayers. Part of it were slippery, wet, dark... About the experience? Something new to see. Knowing a new culture it's all the matters while visiting another country.

Similar to China, Vietnam known for it's nature as well. :) The interesting part when they used their feet to paddle.

A breezy air after the heavy rain and we did our tour slowly. How did it went? I bet the sight will be so much beautiful if there's no rain during the day.  :)

That's all for today! I am definitely busy with so many little things. :) Updating on that soon! :)

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  1. A good place to visit upon, explore, relax, and witness the beautiful nature as it offers.