Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sabah : The Native + Local Cuisine Series

Sabah - The Land Below the Wind

When Brother Jimmy and wife were back in Kota Kinabalu from the Britain, he would like to have all of us to gather our relative at Kinarut, where my grandfather from. :)

It was a last minute gathering and it's an interesting one when it was so long ago since the last visit back to "kampung". Some of you maybe wondering, why kampung? Am I a Chinese? Well, Sabah is well known for its mixed marriage, and I am one of the generation of the Sino (Native + Chinese). Yes, I am a Sino.

Okay, it was a fine Saturday when we were there. Many of us just greet and had a long conversation, yes, very long and since mid afternoon till almost dawn? Back to the glorious local and native food we had. Yummy! Even Brother Jimmy's wife - Margaret (a British) likes it, not all British could accept the traditional food right?

By the way, it's a potluck day and everyone bringing or cook and bring it there. My dad prepared his best dish - The Mangolian Pork belly and Chicken.


- Hinava - 
Made of Bitter gourd and fresh fish fillet, add on with lime and other ingredients for the sour taste.

In fact, this is one of my favorite native dish. 

Although this dish does not require any heat, the fresh fish meat will be cook when we add in the lime, it's a type of chemical reaction.

- Bambangan -

Seems like Bambangan only could be found in Sabah. It's is the mango from the wild, sweet and sour taste and we could even smell it from far far away! The native would also cut it into pieces and even the  

- Fried Salted Fish -

- Tuhau -

Marinated wild ginger as appetizer or as side dish. Wild ginger does not taste hot, but more to sour after being marinated. And while typing this post, I realised that native food are more to marinated type, sweet and even sour.

- Young Jack fruit Dish -

Not sure what it is called, I remember my dad used to cook when he had the crave and when he saw the young fruit.

- Pinasakan -

Kadazandusun Dish
Non spicy, but it taste sour. Best with the Sago! Which I am not liking it much with the Sago. 

- Pinasakan -

Another type of Pinasakan with spicy flavour.

- Fried Bitter Gourd -

Not a traditional dish, but all of love it! Prepared by my aunt. Crunchy would be the best texture.

Can't remember this one. It's a type of vegetables, local vegetables.

- Boiled Tapioca -

Hmm... If you ask me, I only know how it looks, instead of the name.


- Pamelo Delights -

The pamelo was from my relative backyard. It was sweet and such a delightful appetizer!

- Bubur Chacha -

Sweet potato, green bean soup. We can't categorised it as native, but I guess it's more to the "local" kind of food.

It was nice being able to gather all of us there, it was also unusual to see all of us under one roof as all of us having our own home as well. Not only the traditional food were one of the best highlight and most of it were ordered from a home seller nearby Kinarut. :) Blessed to have such a good meal that day!

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  1. Bambangan and tuhau! Long time no eat liaw... looks so delicious lor! :D