Saturday, June 3, 2017

KK Eats : Dragon-i 笼的传人, Imago Shopping Mall, KK Times Square

Kota Kinabalu Eateries : Non-Halal

I like how the food suits my taste buds, inspired by the rich and diverse culinary offering from China, espiecially from the region of Shanghai 上海, BeiJing 北京, LanZhou 兰州 and SzeChuan 四川 that are savory and spicy at most of the dishes.

- DRAGON-i -

 Dragon-i was first established in Year 2004 and the outlet in Sabah is the 28th branch in Malaysia while it is also the first in Borneo which located in Imago Mall KK Times Square, a renowned shopping mall here.

The kitchen team has creatively prepared a varieties of Chinese dishes based on such Sabah could offer - The Seafood. The seafood were fresh and by what we had that day, the prawn was large. :)

- The Kitchen -

We have the opportunities to see the process of making "Siao Long Bao" 小笼包 and "La Mien" 拉面. The Chinese has so many to offer when it comes to eateries.

The lunch we had was scrumptious and service was excellent too. Keep it up!

The below are the new menu for Dragon-i Sabah outlet!

- 盐烧鲜鱿 Grilled Squid with Salt and Pepper -
- 三鲜菜香豆腐 Braised Spinach Beancurd with Seafood and Vegetables -

- 三杯鸡中翅 Braised Chicken Wing in Taiwanese Style -

- 三味鲜虾球 Sauteed Shrimp with Special Sauce -

 - 当红脆皮炸子鸡 Deep-fried Crispy Chicken -

 - 腐皮炒时菜 Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetables with Beancurd Skin -

- 手撕蜂巢豆腐 Braised Homemade Beancurd with Seafood -

Only that I knew that the beancurd was freeze overnight and to fried it on second day will created those holes in the beancurds. Interesting.

- 腊味有机椰菜花 Stir-fried Organic Cauliflower with Preserved Sausages -

- 椒盐元蹄 Deep-fried Pork Knuckle with Salt and Pepper -

One of the highly recommended dish, crunchy skin and soft meat. With the salt, pepper and pork knuckle, it's similar to the large German Pork Leg. Gosh, such offered by Dragon-i, the portion was nice for 8 person.

- 浓汤雪菜鱼面 La Mian wih Sliced Fish in Fish Soup -

- 鲜椒鱼片 Stewed Sliced Garoupa with Mixed Chili Peppers -

Advisable for spicy lover only, the thick gravy taste differently from those we had usually.

- 金汤海鲜拉面 La Mian with Seafood in Soup -

- 干锅土豆 Braised Potatoes in Claypot -

- 西洋菜鲜肉云吞 Minced Meat with Watercress Wontans Soup -

We were surprised when we knew that watercress can be prepared as other dish, despite from what we had normally at home - Watercress Soup with meat.

It was a delicious dining experience with Dragon-i, menu was good and price was worthwhile.

Location :
G-20, Ground Floor, Imago Shopping Mall, KK Times Square, Phase 2, Off Coastal Highway,
88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

For reservation : 
+6 088 276 886
Website : DRAGON-i


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