Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tawau : Olive Bistro. One of the oldest here.

Tawau Food Discovery
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We intended to have a cup of coffee/ dessert before returning to the hotel. Olive Bistro located nearest to our relative home in Tawau and we visited here for Tiramisu. :)

- Olive Bistro -

One of the oldest bistro in Tawau. I like the cozy design of the bistro where they did us upcycle concept as well for the wine bottles settings. One side of the corner with wall, there were graffiti art, bit of hint from western country.

- Tiramisu -

Tiramisu taste nice with hint of alcohol and all Tiramisu should have it! :) The authentic taste you know right?

- Cappuccino -

Skilled barista. :) Glad that Tawau having nice cafe for us to indulge.

Facebook :
Olive Bistro

Location :
TB2540, Taman Tawau, Jalan Chong Thien Vun, 91000 Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia.

Contact :
+60 89-770 093


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