Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tawau : The Local Markets/ Pasar - Tanjung Market, Sunday Market & Sin On Market

Tawau Lifestyle Discovery
The Market/ "Pasar"/ 巴刹
- Tanjung Market (The largest in Sabah), Town Central
- Sunday Market at Takada (Pasar Pagi Takada), Jalan Kuhara and Jalan Apas
- Sin On Market, Jalan Sin On

"If you want to get in depth with the culture or the lifestyle of the locals, do visit their local market."

Mama Vun always remind us the same and same goes to Mr. Travel Lee, a friend of ours who love to see the authentic/ original of a country, also invited us to go for early market sight seeing every time we go travel with him.

Indeed, some scenes that we can't see after 8.00 or 9.00 am. Just like the monk offerings that we experienced during our trip in Laos or the beautiful flower market at Bangkok, where we also have the chance to hop in to the classic bus which only cost us RM0.30.

In Tawau, there are a few recommended local fresh/vegetables market which also the local knew where to go for "marketing" for the Chinese and Malay etc. Not to say there's discrimination, it's because of the area we go to.

Pasar Tani Takada/ Sunday Market :

Tawau Sunday market, also called Pasar Tani Takada and even named at "Tamu". It held weekly on Sunday morning and smaller than our Sunday market in Kota Kinabalu. A mixture of wet market and night market, where we could see many of the locals and even Indonesian, our neighbour are here too.

It does surprises me where the local sellers selling thousands of the fresh vegetables from the cultivation. Amazing and this is a scene that not many could be seen now a days, especially in Kota Kinabalu itself. We need to travel to the nearest one and it takes about 45 minutes to reach, say Tamaparuli and Tuaran.

Sin On Market :

Sin On Market is more like a market to the local Chinese and nearer to housing area. Freshly picked vegetables from their farm. :) We could see freshly homemade soy bean desserts too.

Tanjung Market :

Tanjung Market known as the largest market in Sabah.

Wet market, dried market, food stalls are well managed and well divided in Tanjung Market. We could search for salted seafood which are one of the recommended items to bring home.

Food court which placed at the highest floor and it is definitely clean and such a crowded place for the local here.

The food stalls area with take away deli are placed towards the last exit which surprised me, it was colourful and so many delicious local delicacies which we can buy! I saw there's plenty of NASI KUNING and it was actually one of the must eat food in Tawau, which originated from Indonesia. Can't deny Tawau's culture is blended with hint of Indonesian.

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