Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tawau : Hokkien Mee by Kedai Kopi Chui Ting 翠亭茶室之福建面

Tawau Food Discovery
Non Halal

The locals always know where's the best food would be, the locals knows well!

- Kedai Kopi Chui Ting 翠亭茶室 -

Located at one remote area in Tawau, surprisingly there is an old coffee shop that still having the best Hokkien Mee in Town and additional with its recommended Braised Fish! Tasty and tasted authentically.

- The Vintage -

By looking at the walls of posters and menu, the brands was no more existing and even changed their designs and guess, it was from the 80's? or 70's, perhaps?

- Sambal -

Homemade sauces and best with anything served.

- Hokkien Mee -

The noodle fragrant, the pork lart. Oh gosh. 

I found out that we can add on with pork inner upon required too, that's something new to me from KK. Thought that there's only pork meat, pork lart, pork oil and fat noodle with special sauces to cook it!

- Hokkien Mee -

- Braised Fish -

Different type of cooking and taste as compared with the one we had at Kedai Kopi Hong Hong, which we were having tasted even better, although the slices of fish might be smaller here. The gravy was wondering!

I would recommend the Hokkien Mee here and ofcourse the Braised Fish. :) One tasty food find out!

Operating Time :
7.00 am to 1.00 pm
(Closed on Monday)

Location :
Jalan Tawau Lama

GPS : 4°14′43″ N 117°53′46″ E


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