Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tawau : Kedai Kopi Hong Hong 鸿鸿茶室, Taman Megah Jaya

Tawau Food 
Serve No Pork 

Morning is for breakfast! Waking up around 7.00am and went to the local market before heading for breakfast.

There's a quote that expresses the locals there.
 "It's all about the relationship between one and another in Tawau." 

Tawau is a small town and guess what? Everyone knew each other there!  

- Braised Grouper -

It was great to taste the best Wa Tan Ho 滑蛋河 in Tawau with Grouper 龙趸. Grouper is a type of large sized fish, a huge size of 石斑.

Grouper may cost a bit and Hong Hong Coffee Shop only operates when they caught grouper.

- Noodle soup -

- Wa Tan Ho -

Fried Ho Fun with runny eggs. I love having Wa Tan Ho and it is one of the fattest Chinese meal!

Fresh fish is always the best in Sabah and the local always make sure their seafood is fresh! Better still after catching freshly from the sea.

Location :
Taman Megah Jaya


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