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小诗料理 : Stew Mushroom with Abalone 冬菇焖鲍鱼

Bilingual entry (Chinese & English)


农历新年都是每个华人都会重视的一个节日, 开心的是看到了家家户户贴上了红红春联,挂上了红红灯笼还有装饰呢!今年的农历新年妈妈送了一罐澳洲鲍鱼,也教了冬菇焖鲍鱼做法, 幸亏婚前看到妈妈焖冬菇的做法哦!好让身为媳妇的我可以在今年的团圆饭“搞定” 那罐鲍鱼!


Believe that every home will have the special dishes. At my home, my mom could prepare delicious Chinese dishes for the festive day.  

Lunar New Year is an important festive season for the Chinese. As I seen in my neighborhood and business outlets,  it was nice seeing red couplets affixed and red lanterns being hang up! In Chinese tradition, we will be giving gifts to our friends and relatives. This year, my mother gave us a can of Australian abalone in addition to other items, with it I shall prepare abalone dish with it. Referred to my mom for the recipe and slightly remember the process of stewing the mushrooms too. 

The following is the steps to prepare Stew Mushroom with Abalone.

- Stew Mushroom with Abalone 冬菇焖鲍鱼 - 

- 材料 Materials -

主料: 冬菇 与 鲍鱼
装饰 : 西兰花 (蔬菜可以随意 - 大头菜等等 或无需
腌制材料I 鲍鱼汁、蚝油、食酒 (绍兴酒等等)、 糖、 胡椒粉 
其他 - 鸡汤 及 干贝 (或无需
料理时间 :  一小时十五分

A. 冬菇 : 
1. 浸开冬菇,去蒂,洗净, 采用腌制材料I (如果想要更入味的话, 早一两天腌制吧!)。
2. 烧热瓦缸,下油。 加入腌制冬菇,浸过的干贝(或无需)还有适量鸡汤 (我准备一大碗,以防焖冬菇过程不会过火干。) 加盖煲着, 等待过程需要翻炒,也在需要的时候加入鸡汤哦!
3. 焖的时间接近45分钟至一小时。如果冬菇软了,切也容易,这代表可以上菜了!
4. 把冬菇摆饰盘上,放置一旁备用。

B.  鲍鱼 :
1. 开罐取出鲍鱼,切片。
2. 【选择】 
i. 把焖冬菇的汁,加入鲍鱼片,少许鲍鱼水 (或无需),快速翻炒以防失去鲍鱼鲜味。
ii. 切片后摆在备用的焖冬菇上面。

C. 酱汁 :
烧热冬菇汁, 加入少许鲍鱼汁,(如果想要多些汁那就加入鲍鱼水/鸡汤)拌入适量粉芡。 倒入盘上即可原煲上席。

Ingredients: Mushrooms and AbaloneDecoration: broccoli (as preference)Seasoning:Material I - Abalone sauce (widely sold at supermarket), oyster sauce, wine (Shaoxing wine, etc.), sugar & pepperOthers - Chicken Soup & Dried Scallops (option)

Duration: One hour and fifteen minutes


A. Mushrooms:1. Wash and soak mushrooms, remove the stalks. Adding Seasoning Material I into soaked mushroom and leave for half a day or leave it for 1 or two days inside the fridge before cooking.2. Heat the frying pan and add some oil. Add in seasoned mushrooms, soaked scallops (optional) and suitable amount of chicken soup (I prepared a large bowl of soup in case I needed it while in stewing process.
3. It takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour. Once the mushrooms are soften and easily cut or can be poke through with chopstick, it's DONE.4. Place the mushrooms on the plate and set aside.B. Abalone:1. Open the cans and cut the abalones in to slices.2. Optionsi. Heat the stewed mushroom gravy, add in abalone slices and quickly stir fry the abalone. OR
ii. Abalone slices decorated on top of the stewed mushrooms.C. Sauces:Heat the mushroom sauce and add a little abalone water or chicken soup and add in starch.
Tips: While selecting mushrooms, choose those thicker mushroom so that the it taste better and the texture of the stew mushroom just right.

- Stew Mushroom 焖冬菇 -

- 团圆饭 Reunion Dinner -

晒一晒 - 这是我家的丰盛的团圆饭。华人传统少不了鱼、蒜菜还有鸡。

幸亏老公还会帮忙炒些简单料理。 感恩。

It's my family's scrumptious reunion dinner. In Chinese tradition, we could not avoid from fish, leek and chicken. 

Fortunately, Mr. Hubs assist me by frying some of the easier dishes. :)


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