Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Visit Johor : Legoland Malaysia - Reminds me of my Childhood

Everyone knew about "Lego", where it was one of our childhood toys back then. Imagination that leads to amazing creation!

It was a random decision that I flew to Johor for the first time, planned myself a day trip to Legoland Malaysia, and you know what? The security is from Sabah and he was excited when he knew I am from Sabah too. :)  

Many that laugh when I decided to visit Legoland the other day. Well, visiting Legoland is one of the must do when we visit Johor.

- Legoland Malaysia -

There were thousand of interesting buildings and items that made of Lego bricks. Mentioning about "interesting", it's a subjective words tho. :) Some may said Legoland was bored, but it was good for me, I love toys that play with a bit of mind usage.

- BIG Shop -

There were a few Lego outlets spotted around.

Cut the story short, I have many images that we could view in this post. Do enjoy every bits like I did. From my eye, I see them.

- Legoland Hotel -

A friend of mind told me that I suppose to rent a room there, where interesting theme hotel it is.

- Science X Lego -

- Star Wars architecture -

Seeing all of the lively Lego bricks, I felt amazing that how did they did that? It looks definitely similar to what we see on screen.

- Map -

Without the map, I might lost. (lol)

- Miniland -

Miniland definitely my favourite in Legoland Malaysia. It's like seeing the world all in mini sizes with iconic landmarks. Although the weather was hot and humid, luckily I'm not fainted when I walk around.

- Johor -

- Singapore -

- Taj Mahal @ India -

- Beijing @ China -

- Project X -

- Project X -

- Souvenirs -

I was sad when I was being told that mini figures was out of stock everywhere, one of the reason I visited Legoland was to buy some of the Disney series of mini figures. :(

If you love toys, Legoland Malaysia would be a must visit place in Johor. :)

Website :
Legoland Malaysia

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  1. Seems like some of the section has finally opened. I miss that place! Especially the miniland and the star wars exhibition area! :D