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Vietnam : World Heritage Site (UNESCO) - Ha Long Bay 越南 : 下龙湾

Vietnam : Part 1 @ Ha Long Bay
Guide to Vietnam - Ha Long Bay and Hanoi 5 Days 4 Nights

Ha Long Bay, located in the Gulf of Tonkin, within Quang Ninh Province, in the northeast of Vietnam, is 165 km from the capital of Ha Noi. The bay is famous for its scenic rock formations. In fact, Ha Long Bay was well described in Wiki Travel. There are more than 1,600 limestone that arises from the sea and each island are covered with massive trees.

Can you imagine how far it was for our journey to travel from China, passes through the Friendly Gate between China-Vietnam and to reach Ha Long Bay? It was almost the whole morning and afternoon and we reached our hotel in the evening. Slightly I still remember the beautiful scenic of Vietnam's agriculture and it was magnificent in a sense.
- World Heritage Site -

 Ha Long Bay being one of the world heritage site listed in UNESCO. At the first sight, it does amaze us with those mountains from the sea. Some of the larger islands are developed to be a tourist spot with various caves visiting for tourist/ travelers like us.

- Vietnamese Wedding favours -

Did I told you about the friendly tourist guide that we had during our trip? He told us a lot of Vietnamese stories and introduced us with many local fruits and local delicacies. We were glad to know him. :)

- Vietnamese Coffee - 

Perhaps we all knew it is Vietnamese Coffee when we saw the little pot to drip the black coffee. It's a lifestyle of theirs.

- One of the island -

Embarked at one of the island - Tian Gong Cave for cave visiting, where mother nature created imaginary scene for our eye to imagine. 

- Tian Gong Cave -

The staircases. Most of the lifestyle was in a mini figured way. The table seats in cafes and others.

- Fishery Area -

Embarked at the fishery area and keep this in mind, we must NOT simply point at those large fishes, or else we will end up paying for it! It's a kind of tactic to indirectly make visitors to pay for it. The price? PRICEY!

- The tycoons -

 Just kidding! It was my mom and friends that went down earlier to have a look together with our tourist guide.

- The Sea Seller -

 Each visitors are their potential customers, and each visitors are potentially being pick pocket by some sellers, there's experience that some of the came nearer to the windows just to try their luck to lift whatever worth.

- Lunch -

Our lunch by the sea. The package we had were inclusive of a meal and these were part of it.

- The ferry -

It was another ferry and we were in the same type of ferry during our afternoon trip.

- The Heaven Island 海上石林天堂岛  -

- The Heaven Island 海上石林天堂岛  -

Went for hiking just to see the view of Ha Long Bay. It was the last stop before we depart at the jetty and back to the land.

I almost refuse to walk on those staircases, but in the end, tried my best. Four of us, two uncles and my younger sister walk up to see the beautiful view.

- The Heaven Island 海上石林天堂岛  -

- Vietnamese Ice Cream - 

Unlike our Malaysian Ice Cream which I preferred more, there were one funny taste with Vietnamese Ice Cream which I'm not sure why.

 - Under the stone -

Vietnamese are hardworking people, they will find a way to earn for their living. Non the less, you will be surprised they knew how to speak Korean, Japanese and even Chinese languages.

That's all for the details of Ha Long Bay. :)

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