Sunday, January 1, 2017

Tawau : Soto by Kedai Kopi Yuan Yuan 源源茶餐室, Megah Jaya

Tawau Food Trail
Serve No Pork

Let's us start our journey with the first eat out in Tawau food trail. We were there for a full moon dinner the day we arrived and took ourselves for a two days one night trip. 

The first meal after we landed Tawau was the local well known Indonesian Chinese's Soto. Soto is a traditional Indonesia soup mainly composed of broth, meat and vegetables. While in Sandakan, Soto was also written as "COTO", which I wondered for a while whether it's the same or otherwise at first though. But hey, its actually the same!

- Kedai Kopi Yuan Yuan 源源茶餐室 -

Finally we were there and we definitely waited for quite a while. Worth to wait you see.

- Soto -

There were prawn balls, fish fillet, eggs, wantan and meat (Chicken or beef), depends on own preference of what we like.

It was my first to have seafood in my bowl of soto, different from we used to have in Kota Kinabalu which is either beef or chicken.

- Soto - 

The broth certainly well tasted, pepper were added to spice up the taste. Love the taste and no wonder they were crowded.

- Soto with Mixed Ingredients  -

Big bowl and worth for every bite. You know what? Indonesian cook the best soto and we were lucky to have Brother in law whow brought us there.

- Location Map via Waze -

Location :
Megah Jaya


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