Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Life : Toast to 10 Yrs @ Azure Pool Bar & Cafe, Le Meridien KK (#LMKK)

Another customised dinner party for the office, this time with the mission to plan for the 10th Anniversary a day to be remember, at least. Its' ain't easy as previous dinner session which is easier to handle.

In the midst of planning until finalizing and till the day of the event, it wasn't easy to be an event organizer and as the amateur emcee on the actual night. I always believe working in a group and gathering ideas bits by bits.

Some may wonder why do I write an update on the event I organized. First, I am not an event organizer nor running a event company. To customise an event for 60 person in the afternoon until after dawn, you will be wondering how do that person could make it. Finally done and everyone happy with the party. Non the less, Tatiana from #LMKK did a good job as well by assisting on my case. :)

- Evening Scene -

It was an hour before the arrival of guests and table settings and all were surprised by Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu team and even surprised by my guests. Yes, I had my office event this year at Azure Pool Bar and Cafe, Le Meridien KK, a dinner beside the pool with wine and alcohol.

The earliest colleagues were afraid to sit down before the event started, should I say they were afraid to ruin the table and waited for the party to start?

- Balloons for toasting and decoration -

Where surprised might happen with this.

- The Table Setting -

- Loving Sunset View -

I told Hubs that I would love to have our anniversary at a place like this in town. With sunset and breezy place. Hopefully LMKK will consider to add on with fans to the surrounding, the environment was great that night, however it was warm and having whiskey and wine, we were wet. (hahaha)

- The Table Setting -

- During the Night -

- During the Night -

- For launching session -

- For launching session -

- Real orchids -

- The Appetizer -

- Balloon Releasing Session -

- The Main Dish -

LMKK will need to consider the preparation on their fish menu and even on the selection of the seafood. A happy tummy will make the party even memorable!

- Desserts -

Chocolate Cake which included in the package we had. In addition, LMKK's Velvet Cake was delicious! My family loves it too!


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