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Monday, January 30, 2017

Vietnam : World Heritage Site (UNESCO) - Ha Long Bay 越南 : 下龙湾

Vietnam : Part 1 @ Ha Long Bay
Guide to Vietnam - Ha Long Bay and Hanoi 5 Days 4 Nights
Ha Long Bay, located in the Gulf of Tonkin, within Quang Ninh Province, in the northeast of Vietnam, is 165 km from the capital of Ha Noi. The bay is famous for its scenic rock formations. In fact, Ha Long Bay was well described in Wiki Travel. There are more than 1,600 limestone that arises from the sea and each island are covered with massive trees.

Can you imagine how far it was for our journey to travel from China, passes through the Friendly Gate between China-Vietnam and to reach Ha Long Bay? It was almost the whole morning and afternoon and we reached our hotel in the evening. Slightly I still remember the beautiful scenic of Vietnam's agriculture and it was magnificent in a sense.
- World Heritage Site -

 Ha Long Bay being one of the world heritage site listed in UNESCO. At the first sight, it does amaze us with those mountains from the sea. Some of the larger islands are developed to be a tourist spot with various caves visiting for tourist/ travelers like us.

- Vietnamese Wedding favours -

Did I told you about the friendly tourist guide that we had during our trip? He told us a lot of Vietnamese stories and introduced us with many local fruits and local delicacies. We were glad to know him. :)

- Vietnamese Coffee - 

Perhaps we all knew it is Vietnamese Coffee when we saw the little pot to drip the black coffee. It's a lifestyle of theirs.

- One of the island -

Embarked at one of the island - Tian Gong Cave for cave visiting, where mother nature created imaginary scene for our eye to imagine. 

- Tian Gong Cave -

The staircases. Most of the lifestyle was in a mini figured way. The table seats in cafes and others.

- Fishery Area -

Embarked at the fishery area and keep this in mind, we must NOT simply point at those large fishes, or else we will end up paying for it! It's a kind of tactic to indirectly make visitors to pay for it. The price? PRICEY!

- The tycoons -

 Just kidding! It was my mom and friends that went down earlier to have a look together with our tourist guide.

- The Sea Seller -

 Each visitors are their potential customers, and each visitors are potentially being pick pocket by some sellers, there's experience that some of the came nearer to the windows just to try their luck to lift whatever worth.

- Lunch -

Our lunch by the sea. The package we had were inclusive of a meal and these were part of it.

- The ferry -

It was another ferry and we were in the same type of ferry during our afternoon trip.

- The Heaven Island 海上石林天堂岛  -

- The Heaven Island 海上石林天堂岛  -

Went for hiking just to see the view of Ha Long Bay. It was the last stop before we depart at the jetty and back to the land.

I almost refuse to walk on those staircases, but in the end, tried my best. Four of us, two uncles and my younger sister walk up to see the beautiful view.

- The Heaven Island 海上石林天堂岛  -

- Vietnamese Ice Cream - 

Unlike our Malaysian Ice Cream which I preferred more, there were one funny taste with Vietnamese Ice Cream which I'm not sure why.

 - Under the stone -

Vietnamese are hardworking people, they will find a way to earn for their living. Non the less, you will be surprised they knew how to speak Korean, Japanese and even Chinese languages.

That's all for the details of Ha Long Bay. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Life : Toast to 10 Yrs @ Azure Pool Bar & Cafe, Le Meridien KK (#LMKK)

Another customised dinner party for the office, this time with the mission to plan for the 10th Anniversary a day to be remember, at least. Its' ain't easy as previous dinner session which is easier to handle.

In the midst of planning until finalizing and till the day of the event, it wasn't easy to be an event organizer and as the amateur emcee on the actual night. I always believe working in a group and gathering ideas bits by bits.

Some may wonder why do I write an update on the event I organized. First, I am not an event organizer nor running a event company. To customise an event for 60 person in the afternoon until after dawn, you will be wondering how do that person could make it. Finally done and everyone happy with the party. Non the less, Tatiana from #LMKK did a good job as well by assisting on my case. :)

- Evening Scene -

It was an hour before the arrival of guests and table settings and all were surprised by Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu team and even surprised by my guests. Yes, I had my office event this year at Azure Pool Bar and Cafe, Le Meridien KK, a dinner beside the pool with wine and alcohol.

The earliest colleagues were afraid to sit down before the event started, should I say they were afraid to ruin the table and waited for the party to start?

- Balloons for toasting and decoration -

Where surprised might happen with this.

- The Table Setting -

- Loving Sunset View -

I told Hubs that I would love to have our anniversary at a place like this in town. With sunset and breezy place. Hopefully LMKK will consider to add on with fans to the surrounding, the environment was great that night, however it was warm and having whiskey and wine, we were wet. (hahaha)

- The Table Setting -

- During the Night -

- During the Night -

- For launching session -

- For launching session -

- Real orchids -

- The Appetizer -

- Balloon Releasing Session -

- The Main Dish -

LMKK will need to consider the preparation on their fish menu and even on the selection of the seafood. A happy tummy will make the party even memorable!

- Desserts -

Chocolate Cake which included in the package we had. In addition, LMKK's Velvet Cake was delicious! My family loves it too!

Friday, January 20, 2017

KK Eats : Celebrating CNY at Alu-Alu Kitchen, Kolombong

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 
Serve No Pork

When many restaurant owners are promoting Yee Sang 鱼生 in social medias and other forms, automatically we know that Chinese New Year is near!

Non the less, Alu-Alu Kitchen 雅露城 also having their Yee Sang offered to all locals. Yes, Alu-Alu is the restaurant formerly located at Jesselton Point, and currently moved to Kolombong Industrial Area and providing with more parking. It's more convenient for all of us to have a nice dinner with such an environment.

- Special Fatt Choy Yee Sang -

Yusheng, Yee Sang or Yuu Shang, or Prosperity Toss, also known as lo hei is a Teochew-style raw fish salad. It usually consists of strips of raw fish, mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, among other ingredients.

- After Toasting -

They said that the messier it will be, the prosper it would be!

- Steamed Corn-Fed Chicken with Special Sauce -

Alu-Alu Kitchen provides all ingredients that are organic and even having the corn-fed chicken from own farm.

- Top Left : Braised Fish Mow Soup with Crab Meat, Top Right : Organic Vegetables with Crab Meat and Bottom : Winter Melon Seafood Soup -

- Deep Fried Prawn with Butter Milk Sauce -

- Top : Steamed Hybrid Grouper in Hong Kong Style, Middle Left : Dry Seafood with Oyster Sauce in Claypot and Bottom : Lamb "Q-Nyuk" (Lamb Meat with Yam) -

- Honeydew Sago with Vanilla Ice Cream -

In fact, I could taste the organic and the authentic taste of the ingredients which Alu-Alu Kitchen could offered in their menu offered. Having dinner with such a simple decoration, air-conditioned environment was decent.

All the food serving was delicious, seafood was fresh and everyone satisfied with all of the organic dishes by Alu-Alu Kitchen.

Facebook :
Alu-Alu Kitchen

Location :
Lorong Mangga 1, Kolombong Light Industrial Estate, Jalan Kolombong
88450 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Visit Johor : Legoland Malaysia - Reminds me of my Childhood

Everyone knew about "Lego", where it was one of our childhood toys back then. Imagination that leads to amazing creation!

It was a random decision that I flew to Johor for the first time, planned myself a day trip to Legoland Malaysia, and you know what? The security is from Sabah and he was excited when he knew I am from Sabah too. :)  

Many that laugh when I decided to visit Legoland the other day. Well, visiting Legoland is one of the must do when we visit Johor.

- Legoland Malaysia -

There were thousand of interesting buildings and items that made of Lego bricks. Mentioning about "interesting", it's a subjective words tho. :) Some may said Legoland was bored, but it was good for me, I love toys that play with a bit of mind usage.

- BIG Shop -

There were a few Lego outlets spotted around.

Cut the story short, I have many images that we could view in this post. Do enjoy every bits like I did. From my eye, I see them.

- Legoland Hotel -

A friend of mind told me that I suppose to rent a room there, where interesting theme hotel it is.

- Science X Lego -

- Star Wars architecture -

Seeing all of the lively Lego bricks, I felt amazing that how did they did that? It looks definitely similar to what we see on screen.

- Map -

Without the map, I might lost. (lol)

- Miniland -

Miniland definitely my favourite in Legoland Malaysia. It's like seeing the world all in mini sizes with iconic landmarks. Although the weather was hot and humid, luckily I'm not fainted when I walk around.

- Johor -

- Singapore -

- Taj Mahal @ India -

- Beijing @ China -

- Project X -

- Project X -

- Souvenirs -

I was sad when I was being told that mini figures was out of stock everywhere, one of the reason I visited Legoland was to buy some of the Disney series of mini figures. :(

If you love toys, Legoland Malaysia would be a must visit place in Johor. :)

Website :
Legoland Malaysia