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Monday, December 18, 2017

Holidays Dress Up Nails with MANIQURE

Maniqure Nail Saloon, Lintas Plaza

I'm in love with nail arts and always love to beautify my nails before I go for a vacation.

Dressing up our nails seems like a kind of leisure and relaxing spa day with Maniqure.

Maniqure. Being known as the best nail saloon in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Can't deny they really are the best in town! 

From basic hygiene for tools to varieties of trendy designs, you will be amazed with Maniqure.

Do you ever doze off while doing your foot spa, I almost did! (LOL)

Trying to be as confidence while facing the camera. :D Watch my short video at My Channel

My finger is not long and beautiful. Dressing up them is the way to look prettier not boring.

Manicurist at Maniqure did a good job in terms of service and how passion with their work and performance. They will make sure that guests satisfied with the outcome and so do they.

Maniqure is a tech savvy user as well, they have ipad at their outlet for the guests to play with it. Well, I would rather keep my head in peace and browse through their apps that applicable to IOS system only. Do download "Maniqure" to check on their exclusive designs and even convenient book your seats for a holiday nails!

Relaxing Foot Spa that served by a young sweet girl and softly treated our tiring foot and muscle.

My manicurist designed for me with the blending of pastel colour and pearls. Both that I preferred and they even designed my nail arts and painted my nails based on the top that I were during my visit. How sweet of them.

The holiday nails and my gel nails still looking good after one week.

Series of nails colours and organised nail arts designs in a boxed booklet for customers to easily referred when they lost of ideas.

A pampering session always the best during weekend, especially for a person like me. At least could separate from the hectic life for hours. ;)

In fact, I love how Maniqure works and treatment to customers, it would impress all the guests that are there. 

If you would like to pamper yourself with a nice foot spa and manicure or pedicure once in a while, I would recommend Maniqure. The link and contact are stated below this page.

Hey, do catch up with me at my Facebook (meitzeupage) and Instagram (meitzeu) for exclusive giveaways once in while!

Facebook : Maniqure
URL : Maniqure

Location :
4-1, Lorong Lintas Plaza 2, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Reservation :
Contact No. : +60123470152
OR via Website
OR download "Maniqure"that only available at IOS Apps and make your booking.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 : One Site for Latest Trending Favourites

While I was browsing through online for my latest shopping list, I've came across ProductNation, a site for all types of reviews and shopping recommendation.

Interestingly, reviews of latest iPhone X to best digital cameras and even recommendation of beauty products are available and I could easily check via single website only, instead of browsing here and there and with creative keywords too.

For one person like me, I rather spend my time in one website that inclusive of all kinds of consumer  favourites. Morever, ProductNation is a Malaysian website too! Boy, it does suits us more with all the comparison of similar products, best price and best online shop to go for.

Many of you know that I love to travel and also a foodie, camera always one of the best companion of mine for years and replaced my cameras every few years.

Always searching for a good camera each time and searching one site to another just for the good and within my budget recommendation.

Finally, I found Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 III that suits my needs  on 8 Best Digital Camera for All Ages and Skill Levels

A good camera makes a good memory when times goes by, beautiful photos as remembrances and sharing.

Stop bragging about what camera that I would like to have, there are also many other Tech News that I love to read I think it's suits you too! Guess, lesser friends and readers will be asking me about which cameras is the best, which phone is the best etc.

Besides, reviews for tech savvy, other reviews such as recommendation of Make up remover for skin alert beauty babes are available too. We all want to have healthy skin right? :)

Have a great day and its' December!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

KK Cafe : Ampersand Specialty Coffee & Co-workplace, Bandaran Berjaya

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
 It was always relaxing and calm to have a cuppa during the night. 

And it is also a norms to see me around at cafes, especially at that few cafes in town.

Ampersand was introduced by a friend of mine who was older than us by many years and Bandaran Berjaya was a place where he grew up at. As for me, I only remembers the KFC outlet which located there. 

Ampersand was operated by young adult of engineer and designer. The interior design of the cafe maintained the vintage environment and blended with classic design.

I do not mention much on the coffees and cakes. ;) Possibly I love the time I'm spending there and the work space that I could have there!

Happy weekend!

Facebook :
Ampersand Specialty Coffee & Co-workplace

Location :
Lot 23, Jalan Berjaya 3, Bandaran Berjaya, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Gaston Luga X MEITZEU : Classy and Minimal with GL Backpack

Travel with style.

It was nice to have a backpack especially during travel or going outdoor. 

- Gaston Luga -

Originated from Sweden. Gaston's backpack having its unique features, whereby it is with classic elegant style and practical details.

With Gaston Luga classic yet trendy and minimal backpack design, it seems like it's an icon wherever I go.

Each piece is with leather part, thick quality cotton, medal details and a mix of carefully selected colour! Plain black to pink and two colours like the one I'm having.

To have a glimpse of unboxing my parcel from Gaston Luga with express service from DHL (excellent service), you can watch below :-

It's good to see new designs, especially minimal will always be my best companion when comes to fashion.

If you are interested to receive your parcel within 7 - 10 days, Gaston Luga would be one of the recommended online store for backpack which I like their service and it was really good, and you only have to mention "meitzeu" as special code to be entitled for 15% off on Gaston Luga's website! 

A new seasonal campaign running now, where a free leather address tag will be added to every backpack purchase!!

Website : Gaston Luga
Instagram : @meitzeu

Friday, November 17, 2017 : The First in Borneo, but what is it? And how do it works?

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo.

Now that we know Borneo Shopping website is in the market for the convenience of us within 24 hours. 

- On Saturday, Double 11, 2017 -

- Entrance to Borneo Shopping Launch Day - is to be the first and biggest E-marketplace in Sabah and is owned and operated by AppAsia Pay Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of AppAsia Bhd, a public listed company in Bursa Malaysia ACE Market. 
Borneo Shopping is not only Sabah, but also Sarawak and Brunei are in the list too! It is an e-marketplace for the East Malaysia and Brunei, for both seller and buyers where the locals also having the opportunities to be seen in a larger frame.

- During official launching ceremony -

- During official launching ceremony -

- During official launching ceremony -

- During official launching ceremony -
The memorable launching is for the official announcement of and the below is a sneak peek on the website that is convenient to us Sabahan especially (for the time being) and covering more in the future.

How to Use?
Just like other online store, placing one item is easy as ABC. In fact, the shopping guide can be learnt here.

Beside becoming a buyer, we could even be a seller too! Just register or inquire for more information on how to become a seller.

- Placing motor online? -

Even motor cycle can be bought online at Borneo Shopping! How cool is that!

- Groceries -

- Personal Care -

- Luxury Lifestyle -

- Virtual Reality -

In cyber era is not more a traditional business environment. We can online purchase a travel package, placing motor vehicles, purchase dinner vouchers and even groceries. is a website that exclusively for Borneo. Stay tuned for more. 

Website :

Facebook :
Borneo Shopping