Sunday, December 4, 2016

KK Food 【亚庇美食】 : Semi Soup Rice Vermicelli by Papa Kopitiam 老豆香低米粉, Hilltop

Papa Kopitiam is originated from Tawau. One of Sabah province that having delicious varieties of food everywhere. 

So back to Kota Kinabalu itself, during one Sunday, we went to have a taste of this well known kopitiam located at Hilltop. Easily accessible and easily seen with their huge signboard.

- The Noodles -

I had mixed inner pork, additional with eggs, while Hubs had pork ribs noodle. 

For a plate of of such portion, it was not really filling. However, the taste was generously tasted.

Talk about the pork ribs, adding rice wine increased the dull taste of pork in to something different where the local will loves it. While for my plate, it tasted okay, surely the broth was loaded.

- Inner Pork Rice Vermicelli with Egg -

We had a conversation with the lady boss, she is from Tawau. In that case, she temporary closed the actual shop in Tawau for two months just to make sure all the quality remained as we could tasted in the new branch in Kota Kinabalu.

Well, if you would love to try something original and different, do have a try there. ;)


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