Saturday, November 12, 2016

Nanning, China : River Cruise at Panyang River, Bama Longevity Village 盘阳河, 巴马村

 China Part 8 - Guang Xi Region : BaMa Village 
中国篇 8 - 广西 : 巴马村 (长寿之村)

Ranked as the #4 of 8 must go attraction at Bama County.

Clearly, also known as the healthiness river in whole China. With its clean and mystic healing power that might make our skin glowing and living longer after drinking Bama Village water.  No wonder minority who live there can aged more than 100.

- Breathless scene -

We waited for a short while and hop on to our boat and started with river cruise, entering to the cave, seeing the unseen, breathing as much as possible to clear our lungs! Clean air, Clean air.

Without saying much, we shall enjoy all the photos here. :)

- Fog -

That's how I love nature, it's always having us to wonder. Time and patient, we shall see the special scene.

I love Bama Longevity village, the food was special and green. Absolutely, encouraging elderly to visit there if they could. Many say money is the first priority, but I think both are, health and money. Without health, we can't earn for a living. When we can't earn, we can see the world better. :)



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