Thursday, November 24, 2016

China : Little Gui Lin (Ming Shi Countryside) 明仕田园竹排游

 China Part 9 - Guang Xi Region : JingXi Province
中国篇 9 - 广西 : 靖西市

And we had our night at JingXi 靖西市, a mini province in China and being known as "Little KunMing".

Good morning to JingXi, had our simple breakfast and off we went to the next few scenic area with our tour bus.

Arrived at Ming Shi Tian Yuan 明仕田园, experiencing natural environment and bamboo rafting at the lake or stream that also know as small GuiLin 小桂林.

Here we are with images I took during sight seeing at Ming Shi Countryside. Breathtaking reflection on the lake, the mountain and the building along.

Well, I will recommend Ming Shi Countryside to all for sight seeing and experience the wide sky and bit of the culture of Guang Xixi.

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