Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sandakan 【山打根】 : Sipping Kopi & Pastries Lovers (Wing Hup Lee 永合利)

Sandakan, Sabah.沙巴, 山打根。

The last shop we went for classic pastries. "Tapao" back to KK.

 We went to a few shops for "Cow Dung/ UFO" Tarts and we were unlucky that we DID NOT HAD ANY! :( How sad was that)

True that there's a few coffee shop do selling the tarts, but having one in Sandakan would complete our food trails and exploration in Sandakan. Did I told you that I will be going Sandakan again? and it's in December, another round of compressed exploration perhaps. 

- Classic Pastries -

By using Waze, we did pass by Wing Hup Lee and we wanted to look for another shop, which turn out to be abolished. Our relative brought us to Wing Hup Lee before our departure, and gosh, bringing back pastries would be fragile.

- Wing Hup Lee -

The coffee shop also well known (Ranked #2 by Four Square) with its pastries and it looks empty, but actually not, customers tend to sit behind the shop here. (lol)

Finally, Sandakan food trail completed!

Location :
Mile 8, Jalan Sibuga.



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