Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sandakan 【山打根】 : The 7th & 8th Bridge, The Seafood at Sim-Sim Water Village

We made it!

Check out from Four Point Sheraton Sandakan and immediately we went to Sim Sim. Heard about the their seafood and guess what? Way packed than you imagine.

- 7th Bridge -

We walk through 7th Bridge and the seafood restaurant we mentioned is located nearer to the 8th Bridge.

- Sim Sim Water Village -

I believe that there are still people staying in the houses and the view just inspiring. Very local type of Hong Kong scene.

Did I ever mentioned that Sandakan was also known as "Little Hong Kong"? The elder generation were came from Hong Kong back then, even the Cantonese dialect is well spoken until today.

- Sim Sim Seafood Restaurant -

We were there and waited for almost an hour with two glasses of hot beverages. About our breakfast, Gosh! We didn't even manage to have them despite of the time we are rushing for our flight soon.

Say bye to Century Egg Dumplings and Spring Noodle. :(

- Sim Sim Water Village -

Simply love Sabah. :) Good to know and exploring Sandakan lifestyle.

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  1. yikes...have to wait so long...hmmm.... i think i would give up