Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Interest : The Borneo Soap (Handmade Natural Bar)

 It's because of interest and those pretty colours of handmade soaps by others:)

Took a 2 days basic course in KK and created something different. Basically playing with natural colours, herbs, flowers and little bit of dreamy imagination.

- Unicorn Poo -

I have been wondering how to make soap in those round shape and finally sort it out and here I am with my soap!

- Protection and Hygiene -

Always protect your eye. I am a person who always have sensitive eye around and to prevent from things that make my eye itchy, safety glasses is a must!

- Design for Soap -

It's easier to design one when it is hard trace.

I made this on Saturday and it smells really good! 

Lavender Rose Tea Soap

- Curing Time -

It takes one month to air dry the soap, so it must be very patient to be one soaper.

- Stamping -

Bought sets of stamp and it revived the dull colour of handmade soaps! How lovely. :)

- Sabah Stamp -

It belongs to my teacher and I'm thinking of getting one for myself. I love Sabah. :)

- Coffee Scrub -

Fragrance free and it is one of my favourite soap! Exfoliate dead skin.

- Occupied rest day -

Soaps are made of oil and different oil will benefits us differently. 100% Natural Soap indeed.

- Instagram : @bellsbubbleskk -

Friends and family suggested to sell some soaps since it is a good form of handmade that are good for skin and relieves those who suffer from itchiness, dryness and skin conditions such as excema, psoriasis and acne. 

My online store that I am recently busy for months are KKBuy Online Store (Facebook) and Bells Bubbles (Instagram). Do have a look. :)

There are so many inside my brain with new interest of mind. :) Totally love the result and feeling accomplished with those excitement after 24 hours of molding soap. 

Well, going to try breast milk soap if anyone willing to offer. :)

 Have a great day to you!


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