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Friday, October 28, 2016

Sabah : Yearly Grand Market of Kota Belud (KB Tamu Besar)

Kota Belud, Sabah 沙巴, 哥打毛律

It was my first visit to Tamu Besar of Kota Belud. My dad mentioned about it sometime last month, checked on Sabah calendar and it happens to be on 22nd and 23rd October this year. 

A brief understanding on Kota Belud (KB) - Kota Belud is a town located in the West Coast Division of the state of Sabah. It is located roughly at the midpoint of the federal highway connecting the state capital of Kota Kinabalu and Kudat, near to the northern tip of Sabah.

The town is considered the unofficial capital and gateway to the heartland of the Bajau people. It is also noted for its open air market, or tamu, which is held every Sunday. Once a year, the tamu is held on a much larger scale. During this time, it is known as the Tamu Besar or Grand Market.

- Horse Riding -

Ever heard from Cowboy of the East? Cowboy of the East also known as the Bajau. The largest tribe could be found in KB.

During Tamu Besar, the Horsemen will decorate their horses and bring them to competition. Well, it was sad to say that I didn't stay longer and the said event will be later in the afternoon. 

- Snap -

The horse in the above image was for photography purpose only. The authentic Bajau horsemen will decorate their horse even eye catchy with bright colour, same to the horsemen. 

More photos from 2012 by Eddy to view here.

- One of the iconic item -

When we see this, it means that its the beginning of Tamu Besar!

- Basket weaving -

- The fabric -

A traditional pattern fabric which represent the Bajau. Normally will folded into a headgear for the men.

- Kuihs -

The local delicacies. It is hardly to see so many local cakes at one time! Penjaram, "The Pipe", Malay donuts and etc.

- Traditional attires -

We do noticed that the native here are normally wear traditional clothes in black.

- Beads and accessories -

Handmade items can't be avoided from beads. Different designs carries different meanings too.

-Traditional snacks/ tobacco - 

Saw the old man, old lady munching the red coloured snacks one side in their mouth? That's the purpose of the brown dried tobacco and the white consumable chalk.

While the yellowish loaf item was the real beeswax for our lip! That's my first seeing such traditional nature goodness. 

- Local delicacies -

- Introducing local delicacies -

-Traditional food cover and local delicacies -

- The Chinese -

Mainly Hakka in Kota Belud. We could see the diverse culture at one market in Sabah, which is a very good norms to adopt. Loving our land, culture and remaining the culture should be educated from young.

- Necklaces and head accessories - 

I bought one head accessories for keeping, loving it and not frequently found now a days. Luck perhaps? Moreover, there's limited size!

- Cheapest Snack -

Bought few Apam Balik with cheap price! RM0.50 each was surprising! And you know what? One of my reader told me that the old man selling his snack with the same price for ages.

- Vegetables -

The best thing to do at Tamu is buying the local vegetables with cheap prices and its fresh. 😊

That's all for our yearly Tamu Besar visiting. Good experience for the first time. 

Set your plan to visit our KB Tamu Besar next year if you happen to come Sabah next year. 😉

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sandakan 【山打根】 : Sipping Kopi & Pastries Lovers (Wing Hup Lee 永合利)

Sandakan, Sabah.沙巴, 山打根。

The last shop we went for classic pastries. "Tapao" back to KK.

 We went to a few shops for "Cow Dung/ UFO" Tarts and we were unlucky that we DID NOT HAD ANY! :( How sad was that)

True that there's a few coffee shop do selling the tarts, but having one in Sandakan would complete our food trails and exploration in Sandakan. Did I told you that I will be going Sandakan again? and it's in December, another round of compressed exploration perhaps. 

- Classic Pastries -

By using Waze, we did pass by Wing Hup Lee and we wanted to look for another shop, which turn out to be abolished. Our relative brought us to Wing Hup Lee before our departure, and gosh, bringing back pastries would be fragile.

- Wing Hup Lee -

The coffee shop also well known (Ranked #2 by Four Square) with its pastries and it looks empty, but actually not, customers tend to sit behind the shop here. (lol)

Finally, Sandakan food trail completed!

Location :
Mile 8, Jalan Sibuga.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sandakan 【山打根】 : Moon 'n' Star Pork Noodle 生肉面

Sandakan, Sabah. 沙巴,山打根。
Restaurant - Non Halal

After the long wait at Sim Sim Water Village for our unseen breakfast, we went to the next recommended restaurant for breakfast.

- Moon 'n' Star Sang Nyuk Mian -

Packed with people and luckily our friends from KK were there too, therefore, its the fastest way to have seats and food!

Different soup base as compared from KK, having Ham Choi soup base, Tomato based, Curry based, Pepper based and more.

- Tomato based Sang Nyuk Mian -

Its a norms that Chinese loves pork (lol), when there's pork, that shop would have crowded with lots of people!

- Ham Choi based -

Interesting local food that many would like to try perhaps. As for me, the soup tasted light which I had. I love savory food taste that's why, different people having different favour.

Both both me and Mr. Hubs, Moon 'n' Star might not the right place for us. :)

Location :
Mile 6

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sandakan 【山打根】 : The 7th & 8th Bridge, The Seafood at Sim-Sim Water Village

We made it!

Check out from Four Point Sheraton Sandakan and immediately we went to Sim Sim. Heard about the their seafood and guess what? Way packed than you imagine.

- 7th Bridge -

We walk through 7th Bridge and the seafood restaurant we mentioned is located nearer to the 8th Bridge.

- Sim Sim Water Village -

I believe that there are still people staying in the houses and the view just inspiring. Very local type of Hong Kong scene.

Did I ever mentioned that Sandakan was also known as "Little Hong Kong"? The elder generation were came from Hong Kong back then, even the Cantonese dialect is well spoken until today.

- Sim Sim Seafood Restaurant -

We were there and waited for almost an hour with two glasses of hot beverages. About our breakfast, Gosh! We didn't even manage to have them despite of the time we are rushing for our flight soon.

Say bye to Century Egg Dumplings and Spring Noodle. :(

- Sim Sim Water Village -

Simply love Sabah. :) Good to know and exploring Sandakan lifestyle.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Interest : The Borneo Soap (Handmade Natural Bar)

 It's because of interest and those pretty colours of handmade soaps by others:)

Took a 2 days basic course in KK and created something different. Basically playing with natural colours, herbs, flowers and little bit of dreamy imagination.

- Unicorn Poo -

I have been wondering how to make soap in those round shape and finally sort it out and here I am with my soap!

- Protection and Hygiene -

Always protect your eye. I am a person who always have sensitive eye around and to prevent from things that make my eye itchy, safety glasses is a must!

- Design for Soap -

It's easier to design one when it is hard trace.

I made this on Saturday and it smells really good! 

Lavender Rose Tea Soap

- Curing Time -

It takes one month to air dry the soap, so it must be very patient to be one soaper.

- Stamping -

Bought sets of stamp and it revived the dull colour of handmade soaps! How lovely. :)

- Sabah Stamp -

It belongs to my teacher and I'm thinking of getting one for myself. I love Sabah. :)

- Coffee Scrub -

Fragrance free and it is one of my favourite soap! Exfoliate dead skin.

- Occupied rest day -

Soaps are made of oil and different oil will benefits us differently. 100% Natural Soap indeed.

- Instagram : @bellsbubbleskk -

Friends and family suggested to sell some soaps since it is a good form of handmade that are good for skin and relieves those who suffer from itchiness, dryness and skin conditions such as excema, psoriasis and acne. 

My online store that I am recently busy for months are KKBuy Online Store (Facebook) and Bells Bubbles (Instagram). Do have a look. :)

There are so many inside my brain with new interest of mind. :) Totally love the result and feeling accomplished with those excitement after 24 hours of molding soap. 

Well, going to try breast milk soap if anyone willing to offer. :)

 Have a great day to you!